Stone Flowers – a musical group comprised of war and torture survivors – is releasing its new album Ngunda, proving that something beautiful can come out of unimaginable violence

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Digital democracy


/ Democracy

27 Mar

James Smith credit Matthew Gilley

Democracy is arguably out of step with the way the world communicates. Could open source software and a so-called parliamentary ‘cyber chamber’ help address this disconnect?


Israeli and Palestinian farmers unite over olive oil


/ Community

26 Mar


A project is fostering cooperation and trust among Palestinians and Israelis in the olive oil industry

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Work less, play more


/ Economics & Innovation

25 Mar

(c)  Mike McCune

The 40-hour work week is an ingrained part of our culture, but it does very little to enrich our lives. Lucy Purdy explores alternative working models that do away with the idea of the nine-to-five


Colombia peace talks save 5,000 from death and injury


/ Democracy

24 Mar

(c) Camilo Rueda Lopez

Peace talks in Colombia saved 5,000 people from being killed or injured last year, according to a report by a local thinktank


Saving Ethiopia's 'church forests'


/ Environment

23 Mar

Two members of the research team and the stone wall they helped build to preserve a forest in Ethiopia. Photo by Meg Lowman.

A bottom-up approach to biodiversity that takes into account the values of local people is helping to protect hundreds of plant and animal species in Ethiopia


Politics from the ground up


/ Democracy

20 Mar

Pablo Iglesias Podomos5 no pic credit required

For the first time in decades, a grassroots organisation in Spain has the potential to unseat the country’s major political parties. Could this herald the beginning of a Europe-wide political revolution?

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