As the humanitarian crisis in Calais grows, the media is increasingly dominated with tales of savagery and menace in the refugee camps. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth, say the many ordinary UK citizens who are taking positive action

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Walking Water pilgrimage to address global water crisis


/ Environment

27 Aug

David Wright

In 2011 Geoff Dalglish gave up all his worldly possessions to walk more than 10,000 miles and spread a message of treading lightly on the Earth. Here, he talks about his latest quest: a three year long water conservation...


Problem solving through sleep


/ Wellbeing

26 Aug


Have you been told that you sleep too much? As well as giving the mind and body precious down-time, sleeping can also help us solve problems, according to new research

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Breaking bread with the Dusty Knuckle bakery


/ Economics & Innovation

25 Aug


A new social enterprise bakery in east London is revitalising both the local area and the employment prospects of many young people


Rhino relocation programme thwarting poachers


/ Environment

24 Aug


Poachers have driven rhino numbers dangerously low, but new initiative Rhinos Without Borders aims to boost the population and provide a safer haven for those at risk


Unlocking brain behaviour


/ Economics & Innovation

21 Aug


Our understanding of the human brain has long been hampered by our inability to observe its activity in detail, but now scientists have developed advanced imaging techniques that could unlock our understanding of brain behaviour


Five projects promoting menstrual hygiene


/ Wellbeing

20 Aug

(c) AFRIpads

Menstrual hygiene continues to be one of the most pressing issues facing women in developing countries. Here, Thorsten Kiefer looks at five innovative programmes around the globe that aim to raise awareness


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