Diversifying away from palm oil is a challenging issue, but one that’s vital to ensure the longevity of the environment, our health and the economy, says Bhavani Shankar

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A positive approach to social change


/ Community

28 Jul

Reading Repair Cafe - old bicycle tyres into belts

Focusing on what is wrong isn’t always the most effective way to bring about social change, says Graeme Stuart. Building on our strengths can create much better results – both for small, local improvements as well as for international...


The financial models that could stamp out inequality


/ Economics & Innovation

27 Jul


Despite an increasingly loud conversation about inequality, its root causes remain intact. Stewart Lansley argues that the government has the power to tackle the issue if only it would consider new models of debt financing

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New fund to aid disaster preparation in Africa


/ Economics & Innovation

24 Jul

2 (c) DFID

The European Union has teamed up with African governments to fund local climate research centres and help the continent prepare for natural disasters


Out with the old worldview, in with the new


/ Positive Perspective

23 Jul

Hartwig HKD_3

Mankind is currently experiencing an important shift in the evolution of consciousness, but up against so many global issues we need to embrace a new way of thinking fast, says Giles Hutchins


Gifted graduates putting the ‘social’ into social enterprise


/ Economics & Innovation

22 Jul


Social enterprise Year Here encourages promising graduates into the social sector to apply themselves to the most pressing social issues of the day


BBC launches computer for tomorrow's digital creators


/ Community

21 Jul


Back in the 1980s the BBC introduced the Model B – a computer designed to inspire the tech innovations of the future. Now, it’s releasing the micro:bit, a handheld device that could turn Britain into a digital powerhouse


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