1 (c) Phalinn Ooi

Since 1948 the NHS has provided effective, publicly-funded healthcare based on equality. But with continuing funding cuts and privatisation threatening the service we ask a group of experts how it can have a secure long-term future that best serves the public

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Islamic and Jewish groups share Ramadan meal


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22 Aug

(c) Flickr member young shanahan

The Egyptian Alliance for Minorities, including Arab and Jewish members as well as other religious, ethnic and political groups, united in solidarity for a Ramadan meal at a synagogue in Egypt’s capital as violence erupted in nearby Gaza


Gaza conflict: ‘It won’t stop until we talk’


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20 Aug

Yehuda Shaul, one of the founds of Breaking the Silence (c) Flickr member Trocaire

Anna Behrmann talks to grassroots groups protesting for peace in Israel and the Palestinian territories, and discovers their defiant commitment to their cause, despite intimidation and the continuing crisis in the region

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‘Poetry really was a lifeline’


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15 Aug

Rachel Kelly018

A successful journalist with a thriving family, Rachel Kelly’s life was torn apart by depression. She tried everything to cope, from medication to spending more time outdoors, but it was the power of poetry she says, that ultimately saved...


Wilderness festival 2014: ‘Like a theme park, but nice’


/ Culture

12 Aug


At a festival that's about more than the music, ultimately it was London Grammar's epic minimalist anthems and Jessie Ware's powerful vocals that stole the show


Austerity vs abundance


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07 Aug

(c) Nimish Gogri

Abundance is the natural state of the world and we can improve the lot of humanity while also allowing the biosphere to thrive, says Matt Mellen


'House of One' to unite religions under one roof


/ Community

04 Aug

Berlin, house of one, place of worship

A new house of worship aiming to promote interfaith understanding is to be built in the heart of Berlin

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Forced marriage made illegal in England and Wales


/ Peace & Democracy

01 Sep

(c) Flickr member Christopher

A new law has come into effect making it a criminal offence to force people into marriage, with those...


‘Community is the cornerstone of our energy future’


/ Community

29 Aug


Local people taking control of energy generation in their area is the key to a sustainable future, argues Clare...


Sussex South Downs declared new UNESCO biosphere reserve


/ Culture

27 Aug

Murray-Ballard_5220 low-res

The Brighton and Lewes Downs have become the first place in the UK to be declared a UNESCO biosphere...


New tax certification highlights responsible companies


/ Economics & Innovation

26 Aug

Shopper Fair Tax (c) LiveSurface Context.

The world’s first Fair Tax Mark has been launched in a bid to address the issue of tax transparency


French supermarket sells ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables


/ Environment

21 Aug

(c) Flickr member Pete

Supermarket chain Intermarché in France has been selling ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables to customers at a discounted rate to...


Peace in the Middle East: international co-operation and learning from Northern Ireland are key


/ Peace & Democracy

20 Aug


The role of the Arab league and the US, and the lessons that can be learned from the Northern...


Flexible working rights granted to all UK employees


/ Economics & Innovation

19 Aug

lowres crop

New legislation gives extra 20 million people licence to request to work flexibly


Good news doesn’t just cheer us up


/ Culture

18 Aug


Studies have shown how we are more likely to remember negative events than good ones, which may be a...


Positive Travel: Journeying towards meaningful work


/ Culture

14 Aug


A new eight-day workshop visiting social enterprises in India is designed to propel career-sick individuals into meaningful work. Aaron...


Wild pharmacy: discovering the benefits of plants all around us



11 Aug


Jini Reddy heads out on a wild medicine walk with herbalist Rachel Corby and discovers how the plants around...


George Monbiot: “Let’s let ecological processes rip”


/ Blogs

09 Aug


By 'rewilding' nature and society we can forge a hopeful path through modern crises, said the journalist, speaking at...