This week marks the fourth annual World Immunization Week. Kylie Bull reports on how the increasing use of child vaccinations is saving lives in Kenya

    Ethex Gathering 2015

Moving beyond the economy of shame


/ Economics & Innovation

23 Apr


Could society move beyond the rhetoric of 'strivers' and 'skivers' and be rebuilt around understanding and compassion? The effects would be revolutionary, argues Elena Blackmore


Good Business: Heather Moore, Bee the Change


/ Blogs

23 Apr


The UK's bee population is in trouble, having nearly halved over the last 25 years. Bee the Change, a social enterprise based in Bristol, is working to tackle the decline with a combination mentoring and educational courses for all...

    Ethex Gathering 2015

Germany tells firms to bring women into the boardroom


/ Economics & Innovation

22 Apr


New quota will see women fill at least 30% of supervisory board seats


From quiet stillness comes positive action


/ Wellbeing

21 Apr

(c) Paxson Woelber

‘Doing’ without ‘being’ has led humankind down a troublesome path, says Giles Hutchins. Now is the time to transform the way we exist in the world


Turning plastic bottles into boardshorts


/ Environment

20 Apr

riz blighty passion 2

A London-based surf brand wants to tackle increasing levels of plastic waste along the UK coastline by transforming it into beachwear


Arun Gandhi shares lessons from his grandfather


/ Democracy

17 Apr


Peace activist Arun Gandhi reflects on the enduring wisdom of his grandfather, the Indian spiritual and political leader Mahatma Gandhi

    Ethex Gathering 2015

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