Srin on Sandy Neck Beach, Cape Cod USA (2)

Srin Madipalli, co-founder of new travel accommodation website Accomable, explains how he plans to make exploring the world hassle-free for all, irrespective of physical ability

    Soil Association Oct 15

Five great ideas from Paris DIY climate convention


/ Environment

07 Oct


Rather than waiting around to see what happens at the Paris climate talks in December, a group of European creatives got together and came up with some low-tech solutions to the world's environmental problems. Elsa Pereria reports from POC21


The revival of the UK’s ceramic industry


/ Culture

06 Oct


More than 150 years after the heyday of the British ceramics production, things are looking more positive than for some time. Phil Tomlinson explains how a broken industry is putting itself back together

    Phone coop - front page

Five ways to share in London


/ Economics & Innovation

05 Oct

London (2)

See the city through the eyes of a local with these cheap – and often free – social sharing ideas, which are part of an ongoing series aiming to help people travel sustainably and connect with communities


Six reasons why being more curious can be good for you


/ Economics & Innovation

02 Oct


Being curious not only has the potential to improve our knowledgeable of the world around us, but recent research reveals it can improve our relationships, boost happiness and even make us healthier, says Emily Campbell


Can fixable handset keep Fairphone's ethical edge?


/ Economics & Innovation

01 Oct

Bas van Abel of Fairphone (left) and Vivian Woodell of The Phone Co-op (right) hold the new Fairphone 2

With the rest of the mobile phone industry beginning to look into supply chain ethics, Fairphone has launched their second handset as the first fully modular smartphone to try and stay one step ahead


Fishing for a solution to iron deficiency


/ Wellbeing

30 Sep


A small metal fish designed for use in cooking to increase iron uptake is proving a great success in Cambodia and is now set to be used further afield. Could the Lucky Iron Fish spawn an end to iron...


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