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As we count the costs of our increasingly hectic lives, a convergence of groundbreaking science and spiritual understanding is creating an opportune moment for a cultural shift in how we live, says the editor-in-chief of Huffington Post

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How can we challenge power anew?


/ Positive Perspective

12 Sep

(c) Artur Czachowski

By learning from dispute resolution techniques, journalists can develop a new framework for political debates that would challenge those in power to see others' viewpoints, collaborate and come up with solutions


Namibia proposes gender equal politics


/ Peace & Democracy

10 Sep

High-level Meeting on Disability and Development

A quiet gender revolution in Namibian politics is underway following a commitment to a gender equal parliament and a 'zebra' system that aims to create a male-female balance for ministerial roles

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Ireland tops new index of ‘good’ countries


/ Peace & Democracy

05 Sep


With Ireland in first place, a new index has been created to measure the good that countries do for the rest of the world. Ben Whitford meets its founder, Simon Anholt, and finds out how it could encourage more...


Students call for shakeup of economics teaching


/ Economics & Innovation

02 Sep

GURWES - Version 3

Mainstream economics teaching fails to address 21st century issues, say students from 41 protest groups around the world


The future of the NHS: what needs to change?


/ Community

28 Aug

1 (c) Phalinn Ooi

Since 1948 the NHS has provided publicly-funded healthcare based on equality. But with continuing funding cuts and privatisation threatening the service we ask a group of experts how it can have a secure long-term future that best serves the...


Islamic and Jewish groups share Ramadan meal


/ Community

22 Aug

(c) Flickr member young shanahan

The Egyptian Alliance for Minorities, including Arab and Jewish members as well as other religious, ethnic and political groups, united in solidarity for a Ramadan meal at a synagogue in Egypt’s capital as violence erupted in nearby Gaza

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Minutes silence to mark UN Day of Peace this weekend


/ Community

19 Sep

Aviary Photo_130556329036594132

As UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon urges nations to “demand the right of peoples to peace,” millions plan to gather...


New York towns given power to ban fracking


/ Environment

18 Sep

2 (c) Earthjustice

A groundbreaking ruling allows towns opposed to fracking to ban heavy industry within municipal borders


World favours happy words


/ Culture

15 Sep


The Pollyanna hypothesis, which claims that most people, regardless of cultural or sociolinguistic background, use positive words more often...


Free Money Day set to stir up fresh thinking on economics


/ Community

12 Sep


Free Money Day next week prompts people to think about concepts of value and sharing by handing out their...


New regulations could see bankers pay for failings


/ Economics & Innovation

11 Sep

(c) Matt Brown

Proposed regulations aim to make bankers more accountable for their actions, but will they have a tangible impact on...


‘We need to ask who should be allowed to create money’


/ Economics & Innovation

08 Sep


Ben Dyson talks about the progress made by Positive Money in sparking the debate about monetary reform over the...


Good Business: Kirsty Kenney, Solarbox


/ Blogs

04 Sep


Set to launch in October, Solarbox aims to revive London's iconic red phone boxes with solar and mobile technology....


Experts call for shorter working week


/ Economics & Innovation

03 Sep

Commuters 2 (c) Flickr Member Rob Emes

Two health and business professionals have joined growing calls for a reduced working week in order to improve employee...

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