BEST (c) Alice Peperell

Partying hard at 6am isn’t a big deal in trendy east London, but as Nicola Slawson finds, it’s an altogether different experience when you’re fresh out of bed and raving on your way to work

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Following the threads of authentic Arabia in Oman


/ Culture

22 Oct

Oman - Mountains

Justin Francis, managing director of sustainable tourism site, travels to Oman in search of an authentic Arabian experience far removed from the high-rise tourism usually associated with the Gulf States


Wind now Denmark's cheapest form of electricity


/ Environment

21 Oct

(c) Flickr member SirPecanGum

Danish ministers hope the rest of Europe will follow its example in deriving power from renewable sources

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Movement for fossil fuel divestment spreads globally


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20 Oct

(c) Mark Dixon

As organisations ranging from city councils to churches withdraw their investments in fossil fuels, Nicola Slawson looks at how a small US student campaign has become a global movement to tackle climate change


Constructive journalism training launches in UK


/ Community

17 Oct


A pioneering workshop in London next month aims to equip journalists to better serve society by creating content that is more engaging and empowering for their audiences


Live music series to showcase Cornish talent


/ Culture

16 Oct

Emma Louise Jones

The Somerwick Sessions in Cornwall aims to support the local music scene by championing talented new artists and unique venues


Human stories shine in the new media landscape


/ Culture

15 Oct

F (c) Thomson Reuters Foundation and Reuters

Journalists have a responsibility to reflect the world more accurately, believes Monique Villa, CEO of the Thomson Reuters Foundation. But as she tells Lucy Purdy, there is now a resurgence in human-centred stories and media that triggers positive change

    Abundance 5 - front page

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