1 (c) Alt-Gen

With young people trapped between unemployment and underemployment, the political response is too paternalistic, says new organisation AltGen. Launching an award for new co-operative enterprises, it is encouraging 18-29-year-olds to shape their own futures

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Broccoli drink helps body fight air pollutants


/ Wellbeing

30 Oct

(c) Flickr member Will Curran

A clinical trial involving nearly 300 men and women in one of China’s most polluted regions has found that daily consumption of a broccoli beverage helped excretion of benzene, a known carcinogen, and acrolein, a lung irritant


Dancing from the heart


/ Culture

29 Oct

Peter Lovatt 8 Late London (c) Museum of London

According to psychologists, dance can not only help improve our mood and fitness, it can aid creativity and make us feel more alive. Jini Reddy discovers how even novice dancers have no excuse not to get their bodies moving

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Kenya passes law against human trafficking


/ Peace & Democracy

28 Oct

(c) Flickr member khym54

It's hoped that improved support for victims will lead to a greater number of convictions


Good Business: Ben Byford, Eulergy


/ Blogs

27 Oct


Eulergy helps connect businesses and academics for social good. Founder Ben Byford tells Nicola Slawson about the positive potential of higher education and the importance of a cohesive ethos in a small company


Changing the record of climate conversation


/ Environment

24 Oct

2 (c) Peoples' Social Forum

Our economy is shooting itself in the foot, author and activist Naomi Klein warned an audience in Westminster this month, and a radical change in the way we approach the climate conversation is the only way to turn things...


Raving into the day


/ Blogs

23 Oct

BEST (c) Alice Peperell

Partying hard at 6am isn't a big deal in trendy east London, but as Nicola Slawson finds, it's an altogether different experience when you're fresh out of bed and raving on your way to work

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