Does the secret to a happy, engaged workforce lie in a comfortable environment?

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Blindness breakthroughs: hope for the partially sighted


/ Wellbeing

14 Apr

low res

As a new gene therapy trial helps restore the sight of a partially sighted man, Edward Lander considers the developments that are repairing vision around the world


Citizen journalism on the mainstream's radar


/ Culture

07 Apr


A groundbreaking journalism project allows local citizens around the world to bolster their communities, learn new skills and break vital news stories that might otherwise go unnoticed

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Brazil takes steps to save threatened tribe


/ Peace & Democracy

01 Apr


Brazil’s police and military have begun evicting illegal ranchers and loggers from land belonging to the Awá, one of the world’s most endangered tribes


Lots and less: how do we solve income inequality?


/ Positive Perspective

27 Mar


Income inequality has hit critical levels in the UK; never before has the disparity between top and bottom earners been so great. Here, four key organisations outline their vision for a more equal Britain


Female representation is being redefined


/ Positive Perspective

24 Mar

Join the revolution - Sarah Maple (c) Sarah Maple LOW RES CROP

Society is awash with sexism, from the Page 3 girl to apps encouraging plastic surgery aimed at children. But women’s voices in the media are becoming more powerful than their image, says Anne Louise Kershaw


Brits choose happiness over wealth


/ Community

20 Mar

Happy Family (c) Flickr member David Amsler

Majority of people in the UK believe happiness should be society’s top priority – not money

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Positive Travel: The way of Shugendō


/ Culture

23 Apr


In a rare interview with a Japanese Shugendō monk, Aaron Millar learns about this extreme and uniquely eastern form...


Environmentalists cautiously celebrate Japan whaling ban


/ Environment

22 Apr

Minke Whale in the Indian Ocean

A new ruling to end century-long whale hunting in the Southern Ocean has been challenged by the Japanese government,...


First co-op SIM launched


/ Economics & Innovation

16 Apr

Mobile site

The Co-operative Group has become the first co-operatively run company to release a pay-as-you-go SIM card in the UK


Campaigns round-up: Spring 2014


/ Blogs

15 Apr

Dolphins (c) Flickr Member DocklandsTony

The latest news, efforts and success stories from the world of campaigning


Positive Travel: build a school, change the world


/ Culture

11 Apr

Reading in South Africa

One problem, one solution, one week. A new volunteering travel initiative sets its sights on universal primary education


Gender parity in politics “possible within a generation”


/ Peace & Democracy

10 Apr

Press Conf IPU and UN Women

A growing number of women in parliament indicate an encouraging trend towards equality


Good Business: James Young, Woo Woo toilets


/ Blogs

05 Apr

Woo woo toilets, Nicola Slawson, James Young, Good Business column, Hub Islington, Impact Hub, waterless toilets, outdoor toilet, alternative toilet

Starting a business has many challenges, so as James Young tells Nicola Slawson, there’s no harm in making the...


Saudi Arabia appoints first female newspaper editor


/ Culture

03 Apr


The employment glass ceiling has long been off-limits to women in Saudi Arabia, but it’s hoped that this new...


Goodwill campaign frees thousands of Americans from $15m of debt


/ Economics & Innovation

02 Apr


A group of former Occupy Wall Street activists have abolished nearly $15m (£9m) of Americans’ medical debt as part...


New reforms for children in care ‘most significant in a generation’


/ Wellbeing

31 Mar

Foster care reform, Who Cares? Trust, Nicola Slawson

Children in care are to be allowed to stay with foster families until they are 21 years old, the...


The journey approach to change


/ Blogs

28 Mar

Freedom #2

Our Positive Psychology columnist Chris Johnstone explores how a growth mindset strengthens our ability to have breakthroughs and generate...