Global connectivity means we now have the means, motive and opportunity to radically reorganise society to enable citizens to thrive within an abundant biosphere, says Matt Mellen

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Science supports integrity in Nigerian elections


/ Democracy

26 Feb

(c)  Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

A smart scientific method of voting observation, Quick Count, is being used in Nigeria to weed out corruption ahead of the country’s controversial elections. Aamna Mohdin talks to the group playing a vital role in monitoring due process


Money for nothing: the utopian ideal?


/ Economics & Innovation

25 Feb

(c) Images Money

It’s easy to assume that simply giving people money makes them lazy, yet a wealth of scientific research proves the contrary: free money helps. It’s time for a radical reform of the welfare state, argues Rutger Bregman

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Northern Ireland and Chile to re-examine abortion laws


/ Wellbeing

24 Feb


Abortion legislation in some parts of the world may be relaxed to provide women with more rights and better healthcare


Why so serious, science?


/ Culture

23 Feb


Tom Lawson talks to Robin Ince, comedian and co-host of BBC Radio 4's award-winning The Infinite Monkey Cage, on how comedy is bringing science to a wider audience


UK still values Jewish communities, study shows


/ Positive Perspective

20 Feb

Hasidic Jews in Hackney, London (c) Flickr member kafaka4prez

The volatile situation in the Middle East is cause for concern, but widespread anti-Semitic scaremongering is not indicative of Britain’s real feelings towards the Jewish population, claims Thomas Scotto


Five entrepreneurs changing African lives for the better


/ Economics & Innovation

19 Feb

(c) Twim Academy

Five innovative programmes are aiming to diffuse the “ticking time bomb” of Africa’s youth employment crisis

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