World record-holding adventurer Matt Prior has driven a taxi to Everest base camp and crossed Siberia on a WW2 motorbike. His latest challenge is a first-of-its-kind academy designed to inspire ordinary people with the spirit of exploration, challenge and self-discovery

    Soil Association April 15

Why variety is the spice of emotional life


/ Wellbeing

27 May

Flickr member Morgan (2)

A new study finds that cultivating a diversity of emotions – positive or negative – can make us happier and healthier


Positive news is not the absence of bad news


/ Blogs

26 May


Editorial: By giving attention to what is life-enhancing, Positive News offers a different lens on the world

    Bashara May June 2015

Social enterprise offers furniture and futures


/ Economics & Innovation

26 May

Petit Miracles. Pic by Vicky Perryman

Social enterprise Petit Miracles offers a new lease of life to furniture, and to the long-term unemployed people responsible for renovating it


Constructive journalism arrives at UK universities


/ Community

21 May


Journalism students are learning to create inspiring stories and take a constructive approach to reporting on problems, through workshops being delivered at universities across the UK


Challenging the idea that good news is no news


/ Culture

18 May

(c) Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures

Editors may believe that negative news sells, but Denise Baden’s research indicates that it is having adverse effects on our wellbeing. This is an ethical issue, she says, and suggests that more constructive reporting could present a solution


A brighter future for renewable energy storage


/ Economics & Innovation

14 May

(c) OnInnovation

For a long time the progress of renewable energy has been hampered by its transient nature: neither the sun nor wind is ‘on’ 24/7. But now Elon Musk’s new energy storage invention is set to change the renewables landscape...


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