Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’ve done it, we’ve done it: we now #OwnTheMedia together!

    Bashara May June 2015

Thirty-thousand miles for wildlife


/ Culture

03 Jul

5000 3

Running the entire length of South America to help save wildlife simply wasn't enough for Katharine and David Lowrie. After circumnavigating their way around the continent, Naomi Tolley catches up with the couple as they sail home from Uruguay...


How starting out at Positive News changed my views on journalism


/ #OwnTheMedia

03 Jul


Journalist Nicola Slawson explains how Positive News inspired her to think differently about her dream career

    Bashara May June 2015

Angels and armies: How the internet is cleaning up its act


/ Community

02 Jul


The internet can be a cesspit of hate, harassment and conflict, but as Rachel England finds out, the kindness of strangers is putting it through rehab


#OwnTheMedia in the media


/ #OwnTheMedia

02 Jul

Untitled2 (2)

As our crowdfunded community share offer enters its final week, we take a look at some of the coverage the Positive News #OwnTheMedia campaign has received across the rest of the media


How crowdfunding is revolutionising journalism


/ #OwnTheMedia

01 Jul


Crowdfunding for tech start-ups, smart inventions and even movies isn’t anything new, but what about the impact of crowdfunding on journalism? Khari Johnson explains how this revolutionary idea has the power to change the world as we know it


Bacteria-powered origami battery could help beat disease


/ Economics & Innovation

01 Jul


A new origami paper battery, which is powered by bacteria and costs five US cents (3p), could revolutionise the diagnosis of diseases in developing and remote areas


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