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13 Dec 2011


Editorial: As our social framework shifts, the new issue of Positive News offers stories to inspire a fulfilling future


A potential reform of the money system that could renew our economy; a proposed ecocide law that could swing the economic compass towards stewardship of the Earth; a top banker who believes his industry should learn from natural systems

These examples, from articles in the new issue of Positive News, show how the framework of our society is being reconsidered. They are new rules for a new understanding.

The Occupy movement signifies a fresh dialogue space opening up, as increasingly, people realise that the faltering economic system is not reflecting their shared beliefs in equality, opportunity and care for people and planet.

We need a smooth transition to a more sustainable, fair and fulfilling future, and it should engage and include everyone – citizens, those in government and those in corporations. We also need stories of what that future is starting to look like and how we can collectively get there.

The articles in the winter 2011 issue of Positive News offer inspiration for that journey, as we go about building a world that truly mirrors our values. To get hold of your copy please become a member.


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