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Inspiration for a change

Positive News is the world’s first positive newspaper. We report on positive developments from across the world and take a solution-focused perspective on the challenges facing society.

We aim to inform, inspire and empower our readers, while helping create a more balanced and constructive media.

About the print newspaper

Positive News Positive News

The print edition of Positive News has a national circulation of 25,000 across the UK and is currently published four times a year.

Collating our most inspiring stories each quarter, in an age of information overload the print edition of Positive News is the best way to get an overview of positive developments in the world. To receive the print edition, please become a member.

Community supported media

Positive News relies on the financial support of its members, who receive the paper delivered to their doors.

As well as copies sent to members, Positive News is also distributed by a unique grassroots network of readers and supporters, to outlets across the UK where the newspaper is picked up free of charge by the public.

Working for social and environmental benefit

Positive News is published by Positive News Publishing Ltd, a not-for-profit social enterprise, with support from Positive News Trust, a registered charity.

By publishing news relating to initiatives that are creating positive social and environmental change, Positive News magnifies their benefits. By drawing attention to such initiatives, we inspire and facilitate their development, expansion and replication.

Positive News also brings direct social benefit through its impact on people’s mental health. Readers inform us of how our content moves them from despair to hope and from disempowerment to an understanding that they can change their perspective and take action to positively influence their own and others’ lives. Positive News also engages people in society because it presents news in a way that enables people to respond constructively to issues.


Positive News was founded in 1993 by Shauna Crockett-Burrows.


Patron: Martyn Lewis CBE

Editor-in-chief: Seán Dagan Wood

Assistant Editor: Tom Lawson

Editorial and Marketing Officer: Nicola Slawson

Development Assistant: Elisabeth Schloemmer

Subeditors: Rachel England, Lucy Purdy, Sam Rogg, Ben Whitford

Proofreading: Matt Chittock, Lucy Purdy

Travel editor: Aaron Millar

Project manager: Jodie Jackson

Advertising Manager: Michael York

Print design: Yael Hodder

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Positive News is published by Positive News Publishing Ltd, a not-for-profit company registered in England & Wales, registration no.03891920