Positive News is the world’s first positive newspaper. It aims to inform, inspire and empower its readers, while
helping create a more balanced and constructive media.

Focusing on solutions, Positive News reports on people and initiatives that are creating a sustainable, just and
fulfilling world.

Established in 1993, Positive News has the largest UK distribution of comparable print publications dedicated to green and ethical issues. Positive News readers are passionate about ethical and environmental issues.

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Directory listings

The inside back page of Positive News is dedicated to classified adverts / directory listings. This area is designed for individuals and small companies to advertise their products and services to our estimated readership of up to 100,000 (print issues = 30,000).
The rates are as follows:
Up to 25 words: £30
Up to 50 words: £50
Up to 60 words, one image and a border around text and image: £75
All prices include VAT

Copy guidelines: Phone numbers count as one word e.g. 01234 567890 is one word. URLs count as one word e.g. is one word. Date elements count seperately e.g. 1 August 2014 count as three words.
Images will be scaled down and cropped as required to fit in no more than 30mm high x 52mm wide.

Please send directory listings to (including your phone number) and we will be in touch to confirm the booking

Deadlines for 2014

Summer 2014 (issue 80)
Advertising copy deadline: 9 May 2014
On sale date: 30 May 2014

Autumn 2014 (issue 81)
Advertising copy deadline: 1 August 2014
On sale date: 29 August 2014

Winter 2014 (issue 82)
Advertising copy deadline: 14 November 2014
On sale date: 4 December 2014