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Publication of the regular print edition of Positive News has been postponed while we prepare to relaunch.

In July 2015 we ran #OwnTheMedia – a groundbreaking campaign to convert Positive News into a cooperative owned by our readers and journalists, and to raise the funds to grow. By issuing ‘community shares’ through a 30-day crowdfunding campaign, we raised £263,000 and Positive News became owned by 1,525 readers, journalists and supporters in 33 countries.

We are currently working on rebranding, creating a new magazine, and building a new website. We will relaunch Positive News as an exciting new magazine in January 2016. Pre-order our relaunch issue now by becoming a member of Positive News, and be one of the first to receive it in the new year. 

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    Winter issue: January
    Spring issue: April
    Summer issue: July
    Autumn issue: October

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    Your membership is renewed annually until you cancel. If you would prefer to become a member for 1 year, without automatic renewal, please contact us.

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