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08 Jun 2015


Positive News is converting into a cooperative and invites readers to buy ‘community shares’ during a 30-day crowdfunding campaign


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26 May 2015


Editorial: By giving attention to what is life-enhancing, Positive News offers a different lens on the world


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31 Dec 2014


The most popular articles of the past year


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09 Aug 2014


By 'rewilding' nature and society we can forge a hopeful path through modern crises, said the journalist, speaking at Wilderness festival


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12 Jun 2014


By cultivating our intrinsic values we can build society around what matters most to us, says Seán Dagan Wood


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08 May 2014


With the UK drying off after having felt the impending impacts of climate change, and as political and social unrest continue to flare up globally, the changes needed to create more peaceful and fair societies on an environmentally sustainable planet, can seem distant


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12 Mar 2014


Help researchers learn more about people who read good news!


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18 Dec 2013


When Russell Brand challenged the status quo in a Newsnight interview, he was picking up on a shifting sense of what is possible for society - and recent successes in international diplomacy are among signs that he may be right

Martin Luther King

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07 Oct 2013


Editorial: There is a spirit of goodwill that shines through in the inspiring stories of peace-building, kindness, creativity and innovation that Positive News publishes, and it’s something that our 20th anniversary survey showed is shared by you, our readers

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19 Jun 2013


Editorial: Eventually the media's current narrative for society will become obsolete. For 20 years now, Positive News has been building a new one

Positive News reader

Positive News blog

07 Jun 2013


As part of our 20th anniversary celebrations we're conducting a reader survey to get your views on how we should develop Positive News over the next 20 years!


Let’s choose our direction


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08 May 2013


Editorial: With research showing that the world is becoming more peaceful and that most people in the UK share values such as caring and trust, by telling a fuller story the media could influence our collective psychology for the better


Enriching connections


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13 Dec 2012


Editorial: At a time of financial recession, we have the opportunity to remember that the greatest assets we have are each other. Our greatest currency is our social bonds. And our greatest capital is the content of the human heart


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06 Dec 2012


Reflecting on his internship at Positive News, Tom Lawson considers the benefit of the internet at a time of change in the media


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20 Jul 2012


Positive News intern Tom Lawson reflects on his first two months of positive journalism


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04 Jul 2012


Positive News is looking for new reviewers to contribute to its website and print publication

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Positive News blog

20 Jun 2012


Editorial: The summer edition of Positive News shows how a ‘new economy’ is beginning to emerge

Asha Centre Inauguration

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06 May 2012


Shauna Crockett-Burrows, founder of the world's first positive newspaper has died


A story of co-operation


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02 May 2012


Editorial: how communities are building new foundations for our society and economy


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11 Jan 2012


Our positive journalism placements for young people are now open for applications