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16 Feb 2015


Resilience is transmissible, says our Positive Psychology columnist Chris Johnstone. By sharing the stories that inspire us, we can pass it on


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01 Jan 2015


Psychology columnist Chris Johnstone explores how cultivating motivation can increase our satisfaction in life


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06 Oct 2014


Inspiration opens our minds to new possibilities and helps us respond to concerns in constructive ways. Chris Johnstone explains how we can become inspired and inspire others too

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01 Jul 2014


Taking charge of our life stories brings more joy than amassing the tick-box list of items commonly associated with happiness, says Chris Johnstone

Freedom #2

/ Positive Psychology

28 Mar 2014


Our Positive Psychology columnist Chris Johnstone explores how a growth mindset strengthens our ability to have breakthroughs and generate positive news in our lives and the world

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10 Jan 2014


The key to successfully dealing with change is preparation, explains our positive psychology columnist, Chris Johnstone


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14 Oct 2013


Sharing in others’ good news and being open to criticism are key to better relationships, explains our positive psychology columnist, Chris Johnstone


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01 Jul 2013


Positive psychologist Chris Johnstone reflects on the importance of mental resilience, a frame of mind that can be learned with flexible thinking practices


/ Positive Psychology

28 Mar 2013


In the first of a new series of articles, Chris Johnstone looks at how Positive News reflects some of the principles of positive psychology and how the understandings of this new science can help us cultivate wellbeing