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08 Sep 2014


Ben Dyson talks about the progress made by Positive Money in sparking the debate about monetary reform over the past four years

Ben Dyson

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22 Jul 2013


The economy needs more money, but it's not as straightforward as simply printing more. Positive Money’s Ben Dyson explains the challenges of creating money, and how they can be used as opportunities for positive change

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29 Dec 2012


Economists from the Financial Services Authority and the International Monetary Fund are among new voices to acknowledge that the ability of private banks to create money was at the heart of the financial crisis


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05 May 2012


Ben Dyson: There is real momentum building in the movement to reform our privatised, debt-based money system


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05 Mar 2012


Some intelligent redesign of our money system could give us a way to deal with the current crisis of debt and unemployment, says Ben Dyson


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02 Dec 2011


A simple reform to the way money is created would end the debt crisis, reduce poverty and reinvigorate the economy, say campaigners


An easy solution to the financial crisis


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26 Aug 2011


If you read the daily papers it may seem like we’re heading back into another global financial crisis. This may be true but there’s a simple solution that could be implemented within 12 months, which could lead to a long-term fall in poverty, debt and inequality. It would also stabilise the economy, making low-paid jobs more secure.

Banking on change

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19 May 2011


Positive Money is a campaign and research organisation calling for monetary reform. We’re seeking answers to two very important questions, who creates money, and how is it created?

Banking on change

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06 May 2011


At Positive Money we are making good progress campaigning for a better banking system