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Becoming the cultural healer


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14 Oct 2012


Simon Marlow calls for humanity to leave it's differences in the past and instead work towards collectively creating a vision for a more positive future


Expect the unexpected


/ World Goodwill

18 May 2012


In 2012, a year that many people see as greatly significant, we have an opportunity to create a better world, writes Simon Marlow


Let’s create a more civil discourse


/ World Goodwill

27 Mar 2012


Most people recognise that talking is a better way to resolve disagreements than war. Yet, the war of words in society’s public and political conversations is often anything but civil


Working towards a common good


/ Positive Perspective, World Goodwill

20 Dec 2011


It is remarkable how, from a very early age, the concept of fairness is so ingrained in the human psyche


Humanity is better than the media suggests


/ Positive Perspective, World Goodwill

10 Oct 2011


World Goodwill column: The media can acquaint us with the shared values of many cultures and promote a sense of deepening relationship, argues Simon Marlow

The golden rule for human progress

/ Justice, Positive Perspective, Spirit, World Goodwill

08 Jun 2011


In recent centuries, one of the most important concepts shaping humanity has been that of human progress. The idea of inevitable progress was accepted as so obviously true that for most people it was beyond doubt. Now however, many people are beginning to question the notion

Freedom - an ideal and an agent for change

/ Peace, Positive Perspective, World Goodwill

06 May 2011


The power of an idea whose time has come is amazing. One such idea is embodied in the word freedom, which has been so much in the forefront of our thoughts in recent weeks