Bedroom swap scheme cuts costs for university students


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08 Jul 2013


A new enterprise helps cash-strapped students ‘bedroom swap’ to save money


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01 May 2013


Food growing and nutritional cooking classes could form part of the national curriculum from 2014, but the changes might be scrapped following criticism from industry


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18 Apr 2013


A new breed of online courses offers in-depth learning for free, from anywhere in the world. Nicola Slawson tries one out and considers the effects Massive Open Online Courses will have on traditional education

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21 Mar 2013


Bright young Scottish scientists now have the chance to visit CERN, the home of pioneering particle research

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04 Mar 2013


A new initiative is offering homeless people the chance to learn vital skills for free

EIFL- Knowledge Without Boundaries

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10 Jan 2013


The Nepalese government has launched an ambitious new programme which aims to eradicate illiteracy in the country by 2015


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18 Oct 2012


A project aiming to provide free access to the UK's best university lectures has launched

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09 Oct 2012


The number of men training to be primary school teachers in England has increase by more than 50% in the past four years

A Transition gathering

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24 Sep 2012


A new year-long course has been launched to help people become resilient to the impacts of climate change, the limits of economic growth and life without cheap fossil fuel energy

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20 Sep 2012


The government of Peru has launched a new effort to reduce child labour in the country


Free scientific research


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14 Sep 2012


Scientific research funded by British taxpayers will be freely available for anyone to read by 2014, the government has announced


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13 Jul 2012


Sophie Shen finds out how a charity is helping children and schools to transform their playgrounds into places that nurture learning and wellbeing


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19 Jun 2012


Three hundred teenagers will explore human capacity for empathy at London conference


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01 Jun 2012


A course designed to help young people find their direction in life will take place at the Asha Centre near Stroud from 29 June to 1 July

group on the road

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15 May 2012


Youth-led sustainability charity the Otesha Project UK will embark upon its most challenging cycle tour yet this summer


Event calls for education revolution


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06 May 2012


An international conference aiming to promote alternative education will take place in Portland on 1-5 August 2012

Vinciane Rycroft crop


02 May 2012


Vinciane Rycroft considers the value of teaching compassion in schools


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13 Apr 2012


A conference taking place in London in May will explore how primary schools can be transformed into peaceful communities that not only provide effective environments for learning, but help children develop into well-rounded human beings


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28 Mar 2012


Embercombe, a social enterprise near Exeter, runs leadership and development courses for adults, young people and businesses, in the context of creating a truly sustainable world. Jo Clark, head of land-based learning, explains the value of their approach


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27 Mar 2012


A competition urging schoolchildren to create arts and crafts from scrap materials has launched across the UK