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14 Sep 2015


The Transition movement has expanded rapidly over the last decade, and now more than 27 countries boast National Hubs championing the initiative. The network’s first ever international conference, then, has been a long time coming


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19 Jul 2012


Updates on the Transition movement: Spain conference, political support in Sweden, and celebrations in the UK


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15 Mar 2012


As a new feature film showcases one of the most innovative and rapidly expanding social movements of our time, Caspar Walsh catches up with the man who started it all: Rob Hopkins


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04 Jan 2012


A new guide to the Transition movement reflects its growing diversity and richness, reports Mike Grenville


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20 Dec 2011


Brixton residents can now use electronic Brixton pounds to pay for goods from participating businesses in the local area


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03 Dec 2011


As unusual temperatures soared on 1 October 2011, over 200 shoppers and children helped press fruit, taste the juice and join in the fun on a London high street

Does Transition make people happier and healthier?

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12 Jun 2011


Surveys show that the proportion of people describing themselves as ‘very happy’ has fallen in the last fifty years, while levels of depression have risen significantly.

UK’s first community-owned solar power station gets green light

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10 Jun 2011


£300,000 raised by community group to put PV solar panels on brewery in Lewes


College offers degree in economics for transition


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06 May 2011


Schumacher College is the first educational institution in the world to offer a postgraduate programme in Economics for Transition


Discovering the Transition Way


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06 Dec 2010


Melanie Strickland attends the Environmental Law Foundation's David Hall Memorial Lecture, 'Planning in Transition', and discovers the positive vision behind the Transition movement


Global Transition Round-Up


Transition News

03 Mar 2010


The Transition Network has launched its new website, including directories of initiatives and projects, 'microsites' with up-to-date news from the network and movement.