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12 Mar 2015


Lacklustre and uninspiring educational facilities in Africa are being given a jump-start to improve literacy and support the change-makers of tomorrow


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23 Jan 2015


Young Britons who have grown up in the era of a flourishing fair trade market are highly sensitive to global issues and want to see businesses acting to end inequality and climate change – according to a new analysis from the Fairtrade Foundation

Robert Macfarlane (credit Michael Pappas 2014) CROPPED

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21 Jan 2015


As authors protest nature-related words being cut from the Oxford Junior Dictionary, a new breed of writers and publications are using language, and new perspectives, to reinvigorate our relationship with the natural world

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30 Oct 2014


With young people trapped between unemployment and underemployment, the political response is too paternalistic, says new organisation AltGen. Launching an award for new co-operative enterprises, it is encouraging 18-29-year-olds to shape their own futures

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14 Oct 2014


Catalyst is a leading five-day residential course for young people aged 18-25, hosted at Embercombe, a educational centre for sustainable living in Devon. Catalyst alumni Jasmine Irving reflects on her experience

GURWES - Version 3

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02 Sep 2014


Mainstream economics teaching fails to address 21st century issues, say students from 41 protest groups around the world

David Bond and daughter with frog © Jack Barnes LOW RES

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25 Oct 2013


Children are more disconnected from nature than ever before, new research says. But for one man, these findings present an exciting opportunity to get children into the great outdoors. Laura Smith talks to David Bond about Project Wild Thing


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21 Oct 2013


Young people are more likely to pay attention to health and safety campaigns with positive messages than negative warnings, according to new research

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02 Aug 2013


Nine out of ten children in the UK are happy, according to a new report, with an overwhelming number of teenagers being completely content with their friends


Bedroom swap scheme cuts costs for university students


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08 Jul 2013


A new enterprise helps cash-strapped students ‘bedroom swap’ to save money


Youth climate change committee aims to connect younger generation with policymakers


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05 Jul 2013


New organisation will increase dialogue as research shows that the vast majority of young people believe climate change is an urgent issue

Capoeira class

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17 Jun 2013


A groundbreaking social project is using the art of capoeira to coax shell-shocked and vulnerable children out from behind their painful memories and towards empowerment and hope


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31 May 2013


Small UK charities join forces to engage young people in raising awareness and providing help for Syria

Jacob and Jade 2 (c) Irven Lewis

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20 May 2013


Parkour, also known as free-running, is as good for your mental wellbeing as it is for your physical health – and no Bond-style leaps across skyscrapers required!

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19 Mar 2013


The announcement of prison closures across the UK has caused controversy, but it’s not all bad news, explains Caspar Walsh

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16 Aug 2012


Three young people have been awarded for their efforts in combating inner-city violence, campaigning against bullying and dedication to charity work

Shani Choir (c) Children of Peace

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29 Jun 2012


An Israeli-Palestinian girl’s choir will make its first trip to the UK to open the 2012 Three Choirs Festival in Hereford, sponsored by conflict resolution charity Children of Peace


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28 Jun 2012


A new programme has launched that will enable 100 young Londoners to design, create and run their own environmentally-focused social projects


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19 Jun 2012


Three hundred teenagers will explore human capacity for empathy at London conference


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24 May 2012


Up to 30,000 school children are being given the opportunity to meet their athletic heroes and win tickets to the London 2012 Olympics through a new education initiative