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19 Feb 2015


Five innovative programmes are aiming to diffuse the “ticking time bomb” of Africa’s youth employment crisis

James Goodman

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06 Feb 2015


Forum for the Future’s major new digital hub, launching tomorrow in Singapore, is designed to unlock powerful new tools for sustainable innovation


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29 Dec 2014


The government-backed Newton Fund will foster economic growth in developing countries through innovative partnerships and research collaborations


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19 Dec 2014


A new project, the first of its kind globally, will see rubbish otherwise bound for landfill turned into clean aviation fuel


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18 Dec 2014


Is it possible to ‘hack’ your own happiness? Helen Parnham investigates how emerging technologies can improve wellbeing

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11 Dec 2014


A paralysed man in Poland is slowly learning to walk again thanks to a breakthrough medical procedure


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04 Dec 2014


Hydrogen-powered cars are set to become an increasingly common sight on UK roads by the 2020s as new models are announced and infrastructure investment plans revealed


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03 Oct 2014


Developing countries could reap the benefits of better “security hygiene” for just $35


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30 Sep 2014


In-built obsolescence may seem a forgivable quirk of the modern technology many of us love, but it has a force of its own, placing us on a wheel of consumer slavery. But there is another way, writes Lucy Purdy


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25 Sep 2014


A new initiative will help farmers overcome intellectual property law restrictions on quality seeds

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28 Aug 2014


Since 1948 the NHS has provided publicly-funded healthcare based on equality. But with continuing funding cuts and privatisation threatening the service we ask a group of experts how it can have a secure long-term future that best serves the public


UCL researchers compete to get positive ideas funded


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30 Jan 2013


University researchers who want to help make the world a better place will have an opportunity to win £2,000 of funding tomorrow evening at an event run by researchers from University College London (UCL)


Community reforestation project encourages ‘real-world investment’


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20 Aug 2012


A new co-operative is offering investors the chance to help safeguard the future of the Amazon rainforest and invest their money in something more tangible than the stock market


Website helps campaign groups fund advertising


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20 Jan 2012


A new crowd-funding scheme is helping people and organisations that are working for good causes, to advertise to the public


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20 Jan 2012


A renewable outdoor cinema in London’s East End has shown the benefits of recycling in the run up to the Olympics


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04 Jan 2012


The eighth Ethical Fashion Show and accompanying trade fair attracted some 100 exhibitors to Paris in September 2011

The Cycling Commuter

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20 Dec 2011 is offering advice and information to help people to cycle to work

Flax growing returns to Manchester

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10 Oct 2011


A once disused space in Manchester city centre is now blossoming with the green stems and bright blue flowers of a plant that could reinvigorate a local, sustainable textile industry


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04 Oct 2011


Melanie Strickland discovers how volunteers are turning 'waste' food from local shops into healthy, cheap meals each Sunday at The People’s Kitchen


Britain’s largest solar farm goes live


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27 Sep 2011


Britain’s largest solar farm has been connected to the national grid