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25 Mar 2015


The 40-hour work week is an ingrained part of our culture, but it does very little to enrich our lives. Lucy Purdy explores alternative working models that do away with the idea of the nine-to-five

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19 Feb 2015


Five innovative programmes are aiming to diffuse the “ticking time bomb” of Africa’s youth employment crisis

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10 Feb 2015


Businesses could save up to £5,000 by paying their employees more

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30 Oct 2014


With young people trapped between unemployment and underemployment, the political response is too paternalistic, says new organisation AltGen. Launching an award for new co-operative enterprises, it is encouraging 18-29-year-olds to shape their own futures

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13 Oct 2014


Greta Rossi, co-founder and chief empathy officer of Akasha Innovation, examines a richer, more sustainable alternative to the traditional three Ps


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12 Sep 2014


Free Money Day next week prompts people to think about concepts of value and sharing by handing out their own money to strangers. How would society be transformed if our relationship with money was more conscious and heartfelt?


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08 Sep 2014


Ben Dyson talks about the progress made by Positive Money in sparking the debate about monetary reform over the past four years

Costas Lapavitsas

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19 Sep 2013


Never before have we as a society been so interested in the economy, and thanks to the recession, traditional banking models are being cast under the spotlight. Claudia Cahalane considers how a more ethical, sustainable financial future is emerging

Molly Scott Cato

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06 Sep 2012


Stephen Lewis talks to Green Party economic spokesperson Molly Scott Cato about a new approach to economics

Square Mile 3

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20 Jun 2012


Several trillion dollars is traded in currency around the world daily, with huge profits being pocketed by banks and traders. But one trader is bucking the trend by donating some of his company’s profits to charity, as well as giving a better rate of exchange to clients


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01 Jun 2012


A new interactive online map reveals the breadth of innovative small scale responses to the economic crisis

SG Meeting

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01 Jun 2012


At a landmark UN meeting on happiness, delegates proposed making wellbeing the central goal of economic development


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05 Apr 2012


Ross Jackson offers a plan for radical economic and political reform that would replace current global institutions with ones that support sustainable economies, uphold human rights and respect environmental standards

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03 Apr 2012


Messages about sustainability replaced share prices during the campaign

People-to-people power! - civilisedmoney - people-to-people power!

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27 Mar 2012


A new kind of financial organisation is promising to challenge the way that banks do their daily business

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15 Mar 2012


Bristol has become the latest city to launch its own currency and already has more than 100 businesses signed up to use the money – more than in any other local currency scheme


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15 Mar 2012


At a UN conference in June 2012, the UK will call for a greener global economy and a new way to measure economic progress that takes environmental factors into account


French bank cancels customer debts


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05 Mar 2012


A 375-year-old French bank has dropped the debts of customers who owed less than €150


Does making poverty history require making wealth history too?


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04 Jan 2012


We need to redefine wealth if we are to find a sustainable path to global prosperity, says Jeremy Williams


Time for Plan B say economists


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04 Jan 2012


A ‘Plan B’ to rival the government’s ‘Plan A’ for the economy has been published by left-of-centre pressure group Compass