/ Science

23 Dec 2013


As Nasa’s rover Curiosity seeks to answer the question ‘Is there life on Mars?’, scientists elsewhere have found the first evidence of a planetary body outside our solar system that was potentially capable of having once sustained life


/ Science

17 May 2013


A team of scientists has developed a groundbreaking microchip that could help millions of visually impaired people regain their vision


/ Arts, Science

06 Dec 2011


Advances in our knowledge and understanding of animal sentience are compelling us to reconsider our prejudices toward animals


Draft UN Declaration on Planetary Boundaries published


/ Science, Sustainable Development

01 Dec 2011


A group of development and sustainability experts, scientists and lawyers have developed a draft UN Declaration on Planetary Boundaries

John Theaker Headshot

/ Science, Spirit

01 Dec 2011


John Theaker discovers the concept of ‘human givens’