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04 Sep 2015


Cooking smoke kills hundreds of people a day, but one company has come up with a clever alternative – and a finance model to fund it – to help Bhutanese families cook up a better future


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25 Aug 2015


A new social enterprise bakery in east London is revitalising both the local area and the employment prospects of many young people


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14 Aug 2015


Non-profit organisation InsightSTEM provides a host of explorative learning techniques to help people become more comfortable with science, technology, engineering and mathematics – and not a text book in sight


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22 Jul 2015


Social enterprise Year Here encourages promising graduates into the social sector to apply themselves to the most pressing social issues of the day

We Walk The Line. Pic by Rebwar Mohammad

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08 Jul 2015


A morning cup of coffee can make or break some people’s day, but for those involved in We Walk the Line, it can make the difference to their whole lives


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04 Jun 2015


Shift Design aims to make positive changes to people’s behaviour through meaningful action and social enterprise. One project, Box Chicken, aims to revolutionise the way young people in London view fast food

Petit Miracles. Pic by Vicky Perryman

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26 May 2015


Social enterprise Petit Miracles offers a new lease of life to furniture, and to the long-term unemployed people responsible for renovating it

(c) Jumpstart Academy Africa

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12 Mar 2015


Lacklustre and uninspiring educational facilities in Africa are being given a jump-start to improve literacy and support the change-makers of tomorrow

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19 Feb 2015


Five innovative programmes are aiming to diffuse the “ticking time bomb” of Africa’s youth employment crisis


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20 Jan 2015


A new female-only taxi company in India is helping women stay safe while providing valuable employment and training opportunities

Hub Islington, Social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, Akasha Innovation, Greta Rossi

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13 Oct 2014


Greta Rossi, co-founder and chief empathy officer of Akasha Innovation, examines a richer, more sustainable alternative to the traditional three Ps


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30 Sep 2014


In-built obsolescence may seem a forgivable quirk of the modern technology many of us love, but it has a force of its own, placing us on a wheel of consumer slavery. But there is another way, writes Lucy Purdy

Debbie So, Kristy Petkova, Ben Kane who lead the Hub Youth Academy

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22 Nov 2013


The Hub Youth Academy will help young people establish careers in socially-minded businesses by providing them with training, mentoring and access to a network of leading social entrepreneurs across London

Mary Mosinghi (c) Africare

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06 Nov 2013


Immigrants don't always generate good press, and those from Africa face particular challenges. Yet many have a positive social and economic impact. Veronique Mistiaen talks to some of those creating shared benefits for both the UK and Africa


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11 Oct 2013


The Social Economy Alliance wants to see policies formed to support social benefit instead of only corporate progress

Co-operative Chief Executive Peter Marks meets two of the 2000 new apprentices working through-ought the Co-op. L-R Luke Watson aged 18 from Macclesfield, and Tim Cleaver aged 19 from Rugby both farm workers.

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22 Sep 2011


As part of their new Ethical Operating Plan, the Co-operative Group is investing £30m in opportunities for young people

Carly Ward

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09 Aug 2011


Carly Ward, founder of a network for young entrepreneurs, is helping other young people develop personal skills


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21 Jul 2011


Triodos Renewables launches new share issue to raise £15m towards building renewable energy infrastructure

Britain’s wooden canal boats restored for community benefit

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08 Jun 2011


A Manchester charity is saving and restoring some of Britain’s remaining old wooden canal boats for use on community projects. Less than 200 boats survive on the 2000 miles of inland waterways in the UK, but the Wooden Canal Boat Society, based in Ashton-under-Lyme, is dedicated to bringing heritage boats back to their former glory.

Charity works with Tanzanian blacksmiths to bring fair trade tools to UK

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08 Jun 2011


Fair trade tools made by community blacksmiths in Africa are now available to the British public, following a new programme established by Tools for Self Reliance Cymru (TFSR Cymru).