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28 Jan 2015


In the wake of the UN’s climate negotiations, Rodrigo de Oliveira Andrade discovers how climate change is affecting the Peruvian Andes and reports on the measures being taken to ensure sustainability for centuries to come


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19 Jan 2015


2014 marked the UN International Year of Family Farming, which celebrated the contribution family-based agriculture brings to the global food system. Ilaria Bertini headed to Italy to attend two of the year’s most significant family farming events

Growing Underground Produce, Richard (c) Zero Carbon Food

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12 Dec 2014


Just 33 metres beneath London’s streets a subterranean farm is taking root. Using the latest technology, micro-salad is being grown in a network of forgotten air raid shelter tunnels


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25 Sep 2014


A new initiative will help farmers overcome intellectual property law restrictions on quality seeds

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21 Aug 2014


Supermarket chain Intermarché in France has been selling ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables to customers at a discounted rate to highlight the problem of food waste and provide customers with a cheaper shopping alternative

Freshly-threshed rice (c) Neil Palmer (CIAT)

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10 May 2013


A groundbreaking method of rice growing is gaining traction in India, thanks to its ability to produce larger amounts of crops and allow for independent farming

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26 Apr 2013


A new method of farming has the potential to turn Bangladesh into a food-secure, poverty-free country within a decade

Helen Kongai and cow Charity

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05 Apr 2013


With Uganda recently celebrating 50 years of independence, Tom Lawson speaks to two of the country’s farmers about the progress made in rural gender equality and how the country's agriculture can adapt to a changing climate


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18 Mar 2013


A Dorset-based entrepreneur is tantalising the nation’s taste buds with an offering of ‘British ethnic’ seeds inspired by immigrant cooking recipes, picked up from his travels around Britain

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21 Jan 2013


A new volunteer network has been set up to distribute free food to those in need, from unsellable farm crops that would otherwise go to waste

Farm Hack in New Hampshire. Credit- Lindsey Shute

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16 Jan 2013


Thanks to a new collaborative programme and its open source ethics, young farmers in the US are working together to share sustainable and innovative farming technologies, ensuring the longevity of their livelihoods

Cocoa pod

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23 Nov 2012


A combination of government support and community food growing initiatives is changing the face of the Venezuela’s food sustainability. Miriam Ross shares a taste of the results

A Start- Up box scheme- Jean from Local Greens in Herne Hill, London

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25 Oct 2012


A social enterprise supplying local food in east London has launched a programme to help other communities set up their own vegetable box schemes across the UK


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09 Oct 2012


Renowned permaculture expert Aranya talks about the environmental – and emotional – benefits of permaculture design

A lady picking kale in Hungtso. Credit- Flickr Rajkumar1220

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18 Sep 2012


Bhutan has set a target of growing all of its own vegetables by 2014


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14 Sep 2012


Seed Freedom Fortnight will raise awareness of the issues facing farmers in India

British farmers are being encouraged to grow more spices Credit- Micha Eli

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13 Aug 2012


A major study into Britain’s food system shows how it must change in order to keep food affordable, protect the environment and keep up with increasing world population growth


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03 Aug 2012


Giving more support and opportunities to women farmers in Africa could increase food production on the continent by 20%


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19 Jul 2012


This year's London Permaculture Festival will focus on urban permaculture


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05 Apr 2012


While the heads of the agricultural industry and government officials met to discuss policy at the Oxford Farming Conference earlier this year, an alternative event took place