Minke Whale in the Indian Ocean

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22 Apr 2014


A landmark ruling ends century-long whale hunting practice in Southern Ocean

Rio Sapo

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03 Oct 2013


El Salvador could become the first country to ban mining for precious metals in order to protect freshwater supplies

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16 Sep 2013


25 years ago an isolated Colombian tribe emerged to share a warning about humanity’s future, captured in a film about them that had a far-reaching global impact. But now the tribe has surfaced again to give us a powerful new message

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02 May 2013


The Brazilian government hopes to uncover new species and tribes by “knowing the rainforest from within”

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15 Feb 2013


Following a citizens’ campaign, a Europe-wide ban on pesticides posing a danger to bees is being considered, as B&Q and other retailers remove products from sale that contain the chemicals

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19 Nov 2012


Developed countries are set to double their funding support for vulnerable marine areas, following a UN biodiversity conference

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27 Sep 2012


The planting of a 4,000 mile ‘wall’ of trees and shrubs across Africa has begun in an ambitious effort to halt the southward spread of the Sahara desert and stop vulnerable sub-Saharan habitats from drying up

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22 Sep 2012


A pod of dolphins living in the waters of a Japanese island have been declared citizens by local fishermen, in a bid to save them from slaughter

Credit- Maarten Danial

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19 Sep 2012


Pollinators such as bees and hover flies, which are vital for the environment and economy, will receive new protection under plans announced by the Welsh government



17 Sep 2012


The Australian government has created the world’s largest network of marine parks

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17 Sep 2012


A new voluntary catch limit set by fishermen in Lyme Bay is thought to be the first example of self-regulation by the British fishing community


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08 Aug 2012


Young mountain gorillas in Rwanda – home to one third of the world’s remaining population of the species – have been spotted using their bare hands to destroy snares set by local poachers


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30 Jul 2012


Martin Wright reports on the quest for a green, restorative Games in London


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27 Jun 2012


In February 2012, a group of conservationists and animal experts at the world’s biggest science conference pushed for large marine mammals to be given the same rights as humans


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13 Jun 2012


A 400-hectare nature reserve comprising saltmarsh, lagoons, reedbeds and ponds is to be created on the Steart Peninsula, near Bridgwater, Somerset


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05 Apr 2012


New research has found that the public want environmental groups and scientists to have more influence on ocean management and that people value the oceans for their role in regulating the climate and providing food and beauty


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05 Apr 2012


Dedicated work by local people and government bodies has rehabilitated lifeless rivers in South Wales, restoring former industrial areas to places of beauty and recreation


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27 Mar 2012


A new Welsh charity is bringing the nation together to help conserve an area of rainforest the size of Wales – two million hectares or 7,722 sq miles


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15 Mar 2012


The conservation charity Trees for Life will reach a major milestone in restoring the Caledonian Forest in the highlands of Scotland, when on 20 May it plants its millionth tree


Indonesia to conserve Borneo rainforest


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02 Mar 2012


Indonesian officials have said they will conserve nearly half the country’s share of Borneo Island