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04 Feb 2015


UK supermarket giant Asda is trialling a new range of misshapen fruit and vegetables – sold at reduced prices – in what they say is an attempt to cut food waste


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19 Jan 2015


2014 marked the UN International Year of Family Farming, which celebrated the contribution family-based agriculture brings to the global food system. Ilaria Bertini headed to Italy to attend two of the year’s most significant family farming events


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25 Sep 2014


A new initiative will help farmers overcome intellectual property law restrictions on quality seeds

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21 Aug 2014


Supermarket chain Intermarché in France has been selling ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables to customers at a discounted rate to highlight the problem of food waste and provide customers with a cheaper shopping alternative

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14 Feb 2014


After two years of negotiations, the European parliament has reached a deal to clamp down on speculation in food markets

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31 Dec 2013


Tesco’s half-year figures for food waste gave a shocking insight into the problem of food waste in the UK. Supermarkets must take responsibility for their part in this, but progress is being made and consumers can act too, says Caspar van Vark

Dev Biswal

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05 Jun 2013


Today is World Environment Day and the 2013 theme is anti-food waste. With up to 2bn tonnes of food discarded worldwide every year, Michelin-rated chef and SuperScrimpers’ star Dev Biswal gives his top tips for reducing waste


New food think tank addresses world’s ‘broken food system’


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05 Jun 2013


People around the world are dying of starvation while others are killed by obesity. This broken model needs fixing, says new organisation Food Tank


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16 Mar 2013


MEPs have banned wasteful practices to try to make EU fishing more sustainable. But it's not just policymakers who can have an impact, argues the Marine Conservation Society. Bernadette Clarke explains choices consumers can make to help secure the future of fish

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18 Feb 2013


Modern day hunter-gatherer Fergus Drennan is on a wild man’s mission: to survive for a whole year solely on foraged food

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13 Nov 2012


Locally produced cider is back in fashion, and it’s not only farmers and rural gents responsible. Lee Williams speaks to three enterprising young cider companies borne of backyards and a love of the sweet stuff

British farmers are being encouraged to grow more spices Credit- Micha Eli

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13 Aug 2012


A major study into Britain’s food system shows how it must change in order to keep food affordable, protect the environment and keep up with increasing world population growth

Peacekeeping - UNMIT

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20 Jul 2012


Bethany Wivell finds out how waste coffee grounds can be put to good use


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19 Jun 2012


Claudia Cahalane rounds up a tasty selection of socially-minded cafes and restaurants across the UK


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18 May 2012


Jini Reddy gets bowled over by the truffles at this ethical venue in Soho, London


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06 May 2012


Europe’s largest local food network is to receive almost half a million pounds of funding from the Scottish government to encourage more people to choose local and sustainably sourced food

Feast on The Bridge

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27 Mar 2012


A new report reveals the scale and diverse nature of community food growing projects in the UK that are generating incomes while creating supplies of healthy local food


Free-range eggs to outsell caged for the first time


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15 Mar 2012


Free-range eggs are predicted to outsell eggs from caged hens for the first time this year, according to industry estimates


GM food flops in Europe


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02 Mar 2012


New figures from within the genetically modified (GM) food industry show that attempts to cultivate GM crops in the EU are proving unsuccessful

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04 Jan 2012


A website helping people to find and buy local food online has launched an appeal for investors to help it reach a wider audience and grow the local food industry faster