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28 Aug 2014


Since 1948 the NHS has provided publicly-funded healthcare based on equality. But with continuing funding cuts and privatisation threatening the service we ask a group of experts how it can have a secure long-term future that best serves the public

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22 Nov 2013


Low-income households will receive 29% higher welfare payments as reduced fuel subsidies push petrol and diesel prices up at the pump

Geothermal greenhouse

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18 Jun 2013


Through sustainable farming, business, innovation and making the most of its as yet largely untapped natural resources, Iceland has the potential to become a completely sustainable nation from which others can learn. Lucy Purdy reports from Reykjavík

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14 Mar 2013


Cycling enthusiasts are hoping for friendlier town planning, less bike theft and more protection on the roads, following a government cycling consultation

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27 Sep 2012


The planting of a 4,000 mile ‘wall’ of trees and shrubs across Africa has begun in an ambitious effort to halt the southward spread of the Sahara desert and stop vulnerable sub-Saharan habitats from drying up


Community reforestation project encourages ‘real-world investment’


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20 Aug 2012


A new co-operative is offering investors the chance to help safeguard the future of the Amazon rainforest and invest their money in something more tangible than the stock market

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30 Jul 2012


We asked Olympic, Paralympic and sporting heroes about the future they would most like to see, shaped by the London 2012 Games


Ripples of change from Rio


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18 Jun 2012


Twenty years on from the first Earth Summit, Kirsty Schneeberger looks at the potential for positive outcomes at Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, taking place 20-22 June 2012

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11 Jun 2012


Climatecars, a taxi firm which has used hybrid cars (electric and petrol) since its launch in 2007, is to be one of the first companies to bring fully electric Renault Fluence Z.E. cars to the UK


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07 Jun 2012


The Welsh government have announced plans to make it a legal requirement for local councils to provide and maintain cycle and walking routes

SG Meeting

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01 Jun 2012


At a landmark UN meeting on happiness, delegates proposed making wellbeing the central goal of economic development

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21 May 2012


To date there have been abundant permaculture resources created to help us design gardens and landscapes, but what about designing for ourselves, to improve our own lives?


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02 May 2012


A pioneering eco-vicarge has been built in Worcestershire


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14 Apr 2012


Sunrise festival hopes to inspire a shift in consciousness to enable a more sustainable world to be created


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05 Apr 2012


Dedicated work by local people and government bodies has rehabilitated lifeless rivers in South Wales, restoring former industrial areas to places of beauty and recreation


Quakers commit to sustainability


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27 Mar 2012


At a gathering of more than 1,500 members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in the UK, an official commitment was made to become a low-carbon, sustainable community


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15 Mar 2012


At a UN conference in June 2012, the UK will call for a greener global economy and a new way to measure economic progress that takes environmental factors into account


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12 Dec 2011


Polly Higgins says a feasible amendment to international law could catapult global society into a sustainable future


Draft UN Declaration on Planetary Boundaries published


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01 Dec 2011


A group of development and sustainability experts, scientists and lawyers have developed a draft UN Declaration on Planetary Boundaries


Poll shows we care about future generations


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01 Dec 2011


An opinion poll has found that 64% of British people think future generations’ needs should take priority when sharing the Earth’s resources