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20 Aug 2014


The role of the Arab league and the US, and the lessons that can be learned from the Northern Ireland peace process, are key to reaching peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians, says Vijay Mehta

Yehuda Shaul, one of the founds of Breaking the Silence (c) Flickr member Trocaire

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20 Aug 2014


Anna Behrmann talks to grassroots groups protesting for peace in Israel and the Palestinian territories, and discovers their defiant commitment to their cause, despite intimidation and the continuing crisis in the region

Berlin, house of one, place of worship

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04 Aug 2014


A new house of worship aiming to promote interfaith understanding is to be built in the heart of Berlin


Forgiveness not vengeance shown to Iranian murderer


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17 Jun 2014


The execution of an Iranian murderer was halted when his victim’s mother spared him, with his neck already in the noose

Basque Country, Euskera, Eta, Chris Maccabe, IVC, peace, International verification committee, Spain,

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13 Jun 2014


Following the announcement of Basque separatist group Eta’s intention to disarm, Nicola Slawson examines the opportunity and challenges facing the delicate peace process ahead


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28 May 2014


Sushil Koirala has surprised leaders by rebuffing his family’s inheritance in favour of a simpler way of life

Press Conf IPU and UN Women

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10 Apr 2014


A growing number of women in parliament indicate an encouraging trend towards equality


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01 Apr 2014


Brazil’s police and military have begun evicting illegal ranchers and loggers from land belonging to the Awá, one of the world’s most endangered tribes

Tunisian President Marzouki gestures after signing the country's new constitution in Tunis

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05 Mar 2014


Significant advances for women are among a catalogue of new rights for citizens, in what is being widely received as the most progressive constitution in the Arab world

Abandoned ship used by migrants in Lampedusa

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10 Feb 2014


After 300 Eritrean asylum seekers lost their lives in a disaster at sea, a group of individuals came together to create a pact that aims to change the way we think about migration

Final march/manifestation finale, Genève 2010

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17 Dec 2013


Global efforts to abolish the death penalty are making strong headway with just 1 in 10 countries conducting executions last year, according to Amnesty International

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02 Dec 2013


80% of countries around the world have increased gender equality since 2006

Iran-US-main LOW_RES

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27 Nov 2013


Iran has agreed to temporarily suspend its nuclear programme in exchange for the relaxation of sanctions, which could boost its stagnant economy by $7bn

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26 Nov 2013


A new UN resolution means women will be given greater consultation during peace talks and calls for funding to promote women’s leadership

Waris Dirie speaking at the launch (c) Krankenhaus Waldfriede

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15 Nov 2013


Somali-born activist and former model Waris Dirie launches pioneering new centre in Berlin

African woman crop LOW_RES

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01 Nov 2013


When genocide tore through Rwanda in the early 1990s, women endured a particularly tough struggle. But in September, Rwanda elected a parliament with 64% of seats held by women – more than in any other country in the world


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18 Sep 2013


Travelling circuses in England will be banned from using wild animals under new government proposals


Political prisoners freed in Myanmar


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10 Sep 2013


New president frees a further 73 political prisoners, but activists say peaceful protesters are still regularly arrested and jailed

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04 Sep 2013


War has 'not existed for the majority of human history,' say anthropologists

York mosque

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09 Aug 2013


The murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich this year sparked waves of anti-Muslim hate crime around the country, but many mosques are taking it in their stride, determined to show the world that they preach messages of love