/ Community, Justice

14 Jul 2015


An inspiring collection of tales depicting the self-determination inherent in garment factory workers, who are not just asking for change, but making it happen


/ Justice

15 Apr 2015


The process of restorative justice – where offenders and victims meet in a safe, guided environment – is helping reduce crime and giving victims a chance to move on with their lives


/ Community, Justice, Positive People

05 Dec 2014


Technology, and the role of people who have lived through slavery, are offering hope in the fight against human trafficking. We speak to some of those on the frontline


/ Agriculture, Community, Food, Innovation, Justice, Sustainable Development

25 Sep 2014


A new initiative will help farmers overcome intellectual property law restrictions on quality seeds


Forgiveness not vengeance shown to Iranian murderer


/ Democracy, Justice

17 Jun 2014


The execution of an Iranian murderer was halted when his victim’s mother spared him, with his neck already in the noose


/ Democracy, Justice

01 Apr 2014


Brazil’s police and military have begun evicting illegal ranchers and loggers from land belonging to the Awá, one of the world’s most endangered tribes

Final march/manifestation finale, Genève 2010

/ Democracy, Justice

17 Dec 2013


Global efforts to abolish the death penalty are making strong headway with just 1 in 10 countries conducting executions last year, according to Amnesty International

Waris Dirie speaking at the launch (c) Krankenhaus Waldfriede

/ Health, Justice

15 Nov 2013


Somali-born activist and former model Waris Dirie launches pioneering new centre in Berlin


/ Justice

18 Sep 2013


Travelling circuses in England will be banned from using wild animals under new government proposals


Online campaign sees Olympic sponsors give up tax breaks


/ Justice

10 Aug 2012


Major sponsors of the Olympics, such as McDonald's and Visa will voluntarily miss out on tax breaks available to them during the Games, thanks in part to the efforts of an online campaign group


/ Environment, Justice, Positive People

27 Jun 2012


He has fought a tribe of monkeys, survived several accidents and is nine years into an epic adventure. Tom Lawson catches up with explorer Furtemba Sherpa


Connecticut scraps death penalty


/ Justice

11 Jun 2012


The US state of Connecticut has scrapped the death penalty after years of work by campaigners


/ Community, Justice

05 Mar 2012


Campaign group Avaaz is helping raise the voice of millions of people through its online activism

Tree love

, / Environment, Justice

14 Feb 2012


A campaign in support of a proposed new law on environmental destruction wants one million 'love letters to the Earth' to be sent to world leaders ahead of the 2012 Earth Summit


/ Justice, Positive People, Sustainable Development

12 Dec 2011


Polly Higgins says a feasible amendment to international law could catapult global society into a sustainable future

Mock trial to pave way for ecocide law

/ Environment, Justice

28 Nov 2011


Following a mock trial to test the viability of large-scale ecosystem destruction being designated a crime against peace, an ecocide law is a step closer to becoming reality

Vandana Shiva

/ Environment, Justice

30 Sep 2011


Mock trial on ‘ecocide’ to take place at UK Supreme Court

Mock trial to pave way for ecocide law

, / Conservation, Justice

27 Sep 2011


A potential new law to protect the Earth from degradation will be tested at the UK Supreme Court during a mock ecocide trial on 30 September 2011

Rights for nature proposed in Turkey

, / Environment, Justice

21 Jun 2011


A group of 40 Turkish politicians, academics and lawyers is calling for rights for nature to be incorporated into the country's constitution

Group cycles from London to Jerusalem to promote social and ecological justice

, / Justice, Positive Travel, Sustainable Development

12 Jun 2011


A group of 18 artists, food growers and community activists are cycling from London to Jerusalem to unite communities working for social and ecological justice