/ Politics

28 May 2014


Sushil Koirala has surprised leaders by rebuffing his family’s inheritance in favour of a simpler way of life

Press Conf IPU and UN Women

/ Politics

10 Apr 2014


A growing number of women in parliament indicate an encouraging trend towards equality

Tunisian President Marzouki gestures after signing the country's new constitution in Tunis

/ Politics

05 Mar 2014


Significant advances for women are among a catalogue of new rights for citizens, in what is being widely received as the most progressive constitution in the Arab world

Iran-US-main LOW_RES

, / Peace, Peace & Democracy, Politics

27 Nov 2013


Iran has agreed to temporarily suspend its nuclear programme in exchange for the relaxation of sanctions, which could boost its stagnant economy by $7bn

African woman crop LOW_RES

/ Politics

01 Nov 2013


When genocide tore through Rwanda in the early 1990s, women endured a particularly tough struggle. But in September, Rwanda elected a parliament with 64% of seats held by women – more than in any other country in the world

Uruguay's president-elect Jose Mujica celebrates winning the presidential run-off election in Montevideo

/ Politics

11 Apr 2013


Despite being the figurehead of a country on the up, Uruguay president José Mujica donates his earnings to charity and lives on a small modest farm. Matthew Pike considers how his grounded principles are changing the political landscape

JL agency visit 2

/ Peace & Democracy, Politics

14 Jun 2012


A public meeting on how links between corporate lobbying and politics can be made more transparent is to be held in Manchester on 15 June

SG Meeting

/ Economics & Innovation, New Economics, Peace & Democracy, Politics, Sustainable Development, Wellbeing

01 Jun 2012


At a landmark UN meeting on happiness, delegates proposed making wellbeing the central goal of economic development


/ Politics

27 Mar 2012


Green House wants a random panel of people to have the power to veto legislation that could negatively affect future generations


/ Politics, Positive Perspective

05 Dec 2011


Ellie Mae O'Hagan takes in the atmosphere outside St Paul's

Michael Meacher MP for Oldham West and Royton

/ Politics

10 Oct 2011


Labour MP Michael Meacher shares his views on science, spirituality and being a politician

World Food Prize

, / Food, Politics

02 Sep 2011


John Agyekum Kufuor and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva awarded The World Food Prize 2011

“This is just the start”

/ Justice, Politics, Positive Perspective

12 Jun 2011


Polly Higgins: Bolivia’s Law for Mother Earth could spark a new world of ecological justice

David Cameron and Chris Huhne

/ New Economics, Politics, Sustainable Development

12 Jun 2011


New targets see Britain take the lead on climate change

Bolivia to give legal rights to the Earth

/ Conservation, Justice, Politics, Sustainable Development

12 Jun 2011


Law of Mother Earth sees Bolivia pilot new social and economic model based on protection of and respect for nature


Renewables can power the world


/ Politics, Renewable Energy

08 Jun 2011


Almost 80% of the world‘s energy supply could be met by renewable energy in 2050, if governments implement the right policies, a new report shows.


Alternative vote would increase power of average UK voter, says new report


/ Politics

06 May 2011


Independent analysis from think-tank nef (the new economics foundation) shows that the alternative vote, or AV, would increase the power of the average voter

Marina Silva: leading Brazil’s green revolution

/ Conservation, Politics

15 Mar 2011


After a convincing third place in her first time standing for the Brazilian presidency, environmentalist Marina Silva offers hope for a sustainable future in Brazil


Government to Measure Wellbeing


/ Politics, Wellbeing

06 Dec 2010


The wellbeing of people in the UK is to be measured and the findings used to inform future government policy


Why Measuring Happiness Matters


Politics, Wellbeing

06 Dec 2010


Nic Marks proposes that the government's plans to measure wellbeing mark a significant step forward