Mark Williamson


/ Mark Williamson, Positive Perspective

20 Mar 2014


Our happiness has been stolen by advertisers, celebrities and the media, says Mark Williamson, who explains how simple it is to take it back

Mark Williamson

/ Mark Williamson

05 Sep 2013


New data shows that the UK is taking promising steps towards a happier society, but we must redefine our idea of success if we are to truly nurture our wellbeing

Playing the DIY Happiness game

/ Mark Williamson, Positive Perspective, Wellbeing

15 Mar 2012


Mark Williamson responds to the first results of the government’s new initiative to measure our levels of wellbeing

riot crop 3

/ Democracy, Mark Williamson, Positive Perspective, Wellbeing

12 Aug 2011


Mark Williamson: We must pursue a fundamentally different way of life where we care less about what we can get for ourselves and more about the happiness of others