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State Memorial Service for the Late Former President Nelson Roli

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22 Jan 2014


As we reach environmental and economic limits, the time is ripe and imminent for political change, but we need both inner and outer transformation if we are to create a better future, writes Paul Fletcher

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Paul Fletcher, Positive Perspective

04 Nov 2013


Creating a place of sanctuary for yourself doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from modern life, it means allowing yourself time and space to develop an inner calm in the face of a world in crisis

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29 Mar 2013


The meeting of cutting-edge scientific and spiritual understandings of the world could be the foundation for us to live sustainably, writes Paul Fletcher

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15 Jan 2013


A shift in consciousness in all areas of human activity is necessary if we are to move into an era of true prosperity, writes Paul Fletcher

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03 Oct 2012


With the Olympic Games marking a moment of inspiration, 2012 is an opportunity for humanity to move into spiritual maturity, says Paul Fletcher