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10 Sep 2015


The sea has long enchanted human kind – perhaps through its unexplored mystery, awesome power and continual ability to provide useful resources. But Naomi Tolley meets one man who believes our connection runs deeper, and is using it as a focus for therapy


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26 Aug 2015


Have you been told that you sleep too much? As well as giving the mind and body precious down-time, sleeping can also help us solve problems, according to new research


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14 Jul 2015


Fed up with the depressing imagery surrounding aging, photographer Alex Rotas decided to document an altogether different side to growing old

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27 May 2015


A new study finds that cultivating a diversity of emotions – positive or negative – can make us happier and healthier

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21 Apr 2015


‘Doing’ without ‘being’ has led humankind down a troublesome path, says Giles Hutchins. Now is the time to transform the way we exist in the world

Portuguese Minister for Health, Ana Jorge on the International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking 2010 (c) Nuno Saraiva (2)

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02 Apr 2015


UK politicians have been urged to decriminalise the use and possession of most drugs after addiction rates in Portugal were cut by half following decriminalisation in the country almost 15 years ago

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10 Mar 2015


Compassion and creativity can triumph over hatred and injustice when people listen intimately to their instincts, says Sonya Likhtman


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24 Feb 2015


Abortion legislation in some parts of the world may be relaxed to provide women with more rights and better healthcare

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30 Jan 2015


Can poems help in the struggle against depression? Rachel Kelly, who uses her own experience to help prison inmates, says that words really can heal

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11 Dec 2014


A paralysed man in Poland is slowly learning to walk again thanks to a breakthrough medical procedure

Path of Love

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30 Sep 2013


Workshop veteran Rose Rouse tries out a self-development course with one-to-one support for all who take part and finds that this level of care, combined with the group process environment, makes for a powerful experience

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11 Sep 2013


Speakers at the Resurgence Festival of Wellbeing, including the former Archbishop of Canterbury, will consider how to shift the country’s focus from economic growth to growth in wellbeing


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01 Oct 2012


Blogger Gabi MacEwan explains how gratitude has helped her to live through a terminal diagnosis


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16 Apr 2012


As the medical establishment begins to take notice of sexual healing practitioner Mike Lousada, Gillian Capper pays him a visit and discovers the ethical integrity of his hands-on approach


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03 Apr 2012


Hetti Dysch introduces the practice of wilderness therapy, which is growing throughout the UK


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05 Mar 2012


Monique Roffey undertook an 18-month tantra course and found herself on a journey of personal discovery


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14 Feb 2012


Dr John Butler explains how hypnotherapy can assist the journey of inner discovery and help us make transformational choices

Kinetic drawing

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03 Oct 2011


Two artists have turned an unused retail space in Bristol city centre into a place where people can explore their creativity and increase their wellbeing

walk on the wild side 2

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15 Jul 2011


Dave Urwin, a charity worker in the South West is promoting ‘ecotherapy’ as a positive way to maintain mental health

Salt with added seaweed offers way to restore nutrients in daily diet

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12 Jun 2011


A new type of salt has been launched with the broadest range of minerals and micronutrients of any natural food, according to its manufacturer.