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21 Apr 2015


‘Doing’ without ‘being’ has led humankind down a troublesome path, says Giles Hutchins. Now is the time to transform the way we exist in the world

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07 Apr 2015


The sense of awe on experiencing the beauty of nature, art and spirituality may boost our immune systems, according to a new study

Two members of the research team and the stone wall they helped build to preserve a forest in Ethiopia. Photo by Meg Lowman.

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23 Mar 2015


A bottom-up approach to biodiversity that takes into account the values of local people is helping to protect hundreds of plant and animal species in Ethiopia

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29 Mar 2013


The meeting of cutting-edge scientific and spiritual understandings of the world could be the foundation for us to live sustainably, writes Paul Fletcher

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13 Jun 2012


A programme of events focused on spirituality will take place at Sunrise Celebration festival in Somerset this June


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27 Mar 2012


More than 85,000 individuals, organisations and cities have now signed up to endorse the Charter for Compassion, a document that aims to inspire compassionate action around the world


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05 Mar 2012


Buddhist monk, author and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh will guide a large-scale public meditation in London’s Trafalgar Square on Saturday 31 March

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05 Mar 2012


A space devoted to contemplation, self-reflection and relaxation has been opened at San Francisco International Airport


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05 Mar 2012


Monique Roffey undertook an 18-month tantra course and found herself on a journey of personal discovery


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03 Feb 2012


Healing the World was the theme of an event at London Central Mosque that brought together different faith groups during World Interfaith Harmony Week


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19 Dec 2011


The editor-in-chief of Resurgence magazine shares his thoughts on the importance of spiritual values


A blueprint for human flourishing


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01 Dec 2011


Joanne Theaker discovers the concept of ‘human givens’


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27 Oct 2011


Following a campaign to acknowledge non-religious spirituality on the UK Census 2011, the Foundation for Holistic Spirituality is aiming to integrate a new emerging spirituality into public life


Event in Scotland to explore the evolution of consciousness


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26 Sep 2011


An event exploring the evolution of human consciousness and its impact on our world, will take place at the Universal Hall, Findhorn, in northern Scotland on 7-10 April 2012

Volunteering spirit transforms old library into Buddhist centre_9

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23 Sep 2011


The Dalai Lama is quoted as saying: “The purpose of all the major religious traditions is not to construct big temples on the outside, but to create temples of goodness and compassion inside, in our hearts.” A community of Buddhists in London has been working nevertheless, on achieving both

‘Flash mob’ meditations in London awaken public interest_2

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11 Sep 2011


Popularity of group meditation increases across London

Dalai Lama praises founder of peace charity at Power of Forgiveness event in Ireland

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12 Jun 2011


Many of us have difficulty forgiving others sometimes. But for Richard Moore, who at age ten, was shot and blinded by a soldier’s rubber bullet during the troubles in Northern Ireland, forgiveness has brought true inner peace

The fountain of youth – found

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12 Jun 2011


Meditation can slow the ageing process, new research suggests

The golden rule for human progress

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08 Jun 2011


In recent centuries, one of the most important concepts shaping humanity has been that of human progress. The idea of inevitable progress was accepted as so obviously true that for most people it was beyond doubt. Now however, many people are beginning to question the notion

The age-old practice of speaking and listening from the heart

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06 May 2011


Pippa Bondy, a facilitator of courses on ‘the way of council’ – an ancient indigenous practice of holding speaking and listening circles – explains its value in today’s society