Archived articles from 2011

The Good Food Revolution

Agriculture, Positive Perspective, Wellbeing

21 Feb 2011


Positive perspective: David Barrie explores the importance of good nutrition and the growth in popularity of wholefoods since the 1960s

Young people want renewable energy

/ Youth

12 Feb 2011


A new report on UK energy policy, written by 16-25 year-olds, is calling for the rapid uptake of renewable energy and for greater youth consultation on energy and climate policy

Go Green Week 2011

/ Environment

08 Feb 2011


This week students across the UK are showcasing creative and practical activities that promote sustainable living, such as veggie food feasts, grow-your-own workshops, cycle clinics and swap shops

Playing with the Climate


08 Feb 2011


Greenland, a new play about how we respond to climate change, has opened at the National Theatre


Organic Milk: Best All Year Round


/ Agriculture, Wellbeing

08 Feb 2011


Groundbreaking research proves the benefits of buying organic milk throughout the year

LEDs Light up Tanzania's Homes

/ Economics & Innovation

31 Jan 2011


Illumination, a company selling solar LED lamps, are on a mission to replace the paraffin lanterns in Tanzania's 1.5 million homes

Watercress Factsheet

/ Food, Wellbeing

26 Jan 2011


With new research revealing the cancer-fighting properties of watercress, we offer some insights into the world of the UK's most historic salad leaf

The Wonders of Watercress

Agriculture, Wellbeing

26 Jan 2011


As new research backs the cancer-fighting properties of watercress, Sarah Wilkinson digs up the story of the UK's most historic salad leaf

Belize Bans Trawling

Agriculture, Justice

13 Jan 2011


Victory for ocean lovers and conservationists as Caribbean nation of Belize bans the destructive and controversial fishing practice of trawling

Towards an International Ban on Trawling

Agriculture, Environment

13 Jan 2011


Following a recent ban on trawling in Belize, will other fishing nations follow suit?


New Report Showcases Agricultural Innovations


/ Agriculture, Innovation

12 Jan 2011


A new report is being launched, highlighting successful agricultural innovations and unearthing major successes in preventing food waste, building resilience to climate change, and strengthening farming in cities