Archived articles from 2011


/ New Economics, Positive Money

02 Dec 2011


A simple reform to the way money is created would end the debt crisis, reduce poverty and reinvigorate the economy, say campaigners


/ Arts, Youth

02 Dec 2011


Red-nosed performers are bringing laughter, joy and theatrical mayhem to children living in refugee camps, orphanages and conflict zones


Draft UN Declaration on Planetary Boundaries published


/ Science, Sustainable Development

01 Dec 2011


A group of development and sustainability experts, scientists and lawyers have developed a draft UN Declaration on Planetary Boundaries

Caspar Walsh Author shot

/ Positive Perspective, Youth

01 Dec 2011


Reflecting on his own life journey from criminal to charity founder, Caspar Walsh emphasises the importance of rites of passage in moving towards stronger community and democracy


/ Education, Youth

01 Dec 2011


Caspar Walsh takes us through a transformative weekend of writing and wilderness with five young prisoners


/ Education

01 Dec 2011


A university with the ambition to change the world was launched in Budapest this autumn


Poll shows we care about future generations


/ Sustainable Development

01 Dec 2011


An opinion poll has found that 64% of British people think future generations’ needs should take priority when sharing the Earth’s resources


A blueprint for human flourishing


/ Science, Spirit

01 Dec 2011


Joanne Theaker discovers the concept of ‘human givens’


Occupy movement sets up Bank of Ideas


/ Democracy

30 Nov 2011


Members of the Occupy movement in London are transforming an abandoned office block into a space to share ideas for how to solve pressing economic, social and environmental problems


/ Agriculture, Food

28 Nov 2011


Campaigns to create sustainable and just food systems are reaching Europe and the UK

Graciela pic

/ Agriculture, Food

28 Nov 2011


We need to look to grassroots communities for the future of our food system, says Graciela Romero

Mock trial to pave way for ecocide law

/ Environment, Justice

28 Nov 2011


Following a mock trial to test the viability of large-scale ecosystem destruction being designated a crime against peace, an ecocide law is a step closer to becoming reality


/ Positive Travel

25 Nov 2011


At age 26, Jay Chavez went to Peru for six months on a trip that led to her setting up a volunteering agency. Five years later, she has changed the lives of hundreds of Peruvian children


/ Arts, Community, Culture, Positive People, Youth

02 Nov 2011


DJ and hip-hop teacher KMT is using music and sustainable living to unite young people


/ Spirit

27 Oct 2011


Following a campaign to acknowledge non-religious spirituality on the UK Census 2011, the Foundation for Holistic Spirituality is aiming to integrate a new emerging spirituality into public life


/ Advertisments

26 Oct 2011


Inspirit Training and Development delivers professional substance misuse worker training and are now recruiting for January 2012


/ Community

23 Oct 2011


Celebrities donate clothing to online charity auction where bidders’ unwanted clothes will be used instead of money


/ Arts, Culture

19 Oct 2011


$30,000 of prize money awarded to short films offering solutions for a better world


/ Positive community

17 Oct 2011


A group of socially conscious lawyers, activists, students, and others who believe in Earth justice, came together in September to discuss how we can reconnect with nature and help change the legal system so that our laws work for the Earth, not against it


/ Positive News blog

14 Oct 2011


We've reached our funding target to provide a young person with a training placement at Positive News