Archived articles from 2011

City of Sanctuary

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02 Sep 2011


Bristol joins network of UK towns and cities showing a welcoming attitude to refugees


/ Sustainable Development

26 Aug 2011


Having personally founded 18 charities, The Prince of Wales' new focus for positive change is you. Start is his new initiative to help us all begin to take simple steps for sustainable living


An easy solution to the financial crisis


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26 Aug 2011


If you read the daily papers it may seem like we’re heading back into another global financial crisis. This may be true but there’s a simple solution that could be implemented within 12 months, which could lead to a long-term fall in poverty, debt and inequality. It would also stabilise the economy, making low-paid jobs more secure.


/ Positive News blog

22 Aug 2011


Positive News is crowdfunding in order to offer a training placement for a young person


/ Community

19 Aug 2011


Could using our time instead of cash to pay for what we need, create a fairer society?


, / Positive community

17 Aug 2011


Positive Community blog: The 10:10 project updates us on its progress in tackling climate change


/ Arts

16 Aug 2011


A new festival aims to enrich lives and nourish the community. Is it the real deal or is it just cloud cuckoo land?


/ Youth

16 Aug 2011


An 18-year-old has published a new book featuring interviews with 20 acclaimed entrepreneurs under 35

Jamies farm

/ Community, Wellbeing

15 Aug 2011


Fresh air, brown earth and human kindness. These are the seeds of a revolution in the way we care for society’s most vulnerable individuals, which is taking shape across Britain’s farms and fields

riot crop 3

/ Democracy, Mark Williamson, Positive Perspective, Wellbeing

12 Aug 2011


Mark Williamson: We must pursue a fundamentally different way of life where we care less about what we can get for ourselves and more about the happiness of others


/ Education, Youth

09 Aug 2011


Unemployed young people in East London are being encouraged to join a new green jobs training programme, which could benefit both them and their community

Carly Ward

/ Positive People, Social Enterprise, Youth

09 Aug 2011


Carly Ward, founder of a network for young entrepreneurs, is helping other young people develop personal skills


/ Positive community

03 Aug 2011


Upon the launch of The International Raw Food Restaurant Directory, raw food enthusiast Pam Bennett introduces this increasingly popular approach to nutrition

Generation Zero

/ Youth

03 Aug 2011


Achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions is central to a prosperous future, say a new movement of young New Zealanders


, / Positive community

03 Aug 2011


Charlotte Squire, founder of Happyzine, is running an online course to help people envision, plan and launch green projects and businesses

beach pic Jan10 v3

/ Food

01 Aug 2011


A new campaign is aiming to get British-grown food on menus across the country during the 2012 Olympic games in an effort to create a more sustainable and fair food system


, / Innovation

01 Aug 2011


Bioneers, a movement of social and scientific innovators, has released the 11th season of its radio show, featuring discussions with people who are using principles of nature to serve human needs without harming the web of life


/ Community

28 Jul 2011


A craft centre is claiming to be the first tourism venue in Wales to effectively use QR codes – barcodes that can be read by the latest generation of mobile phones – to attract visitors


/ Positive News blog

28 Jul 2011


Positive News chats to one of its distributors, Michael Cunningham, from Erwood Station Craft Centre in mid-Wales


/ Innovation

22 Jul 2011


Peter Henshaw takes the new e-Vivacity for a spin