Archived articles from 2011

Ten reasons green people are happier

/ Lifestyle

08 Jun 2011


By fundamentally changing our cultural values we can create societies that collaborate for increased wellbeing rather than compete for increased wealth

A permaculture journey

A permaculture journey

01 Jun 2011


Almost ten years ago I wrote my first article for Positive News, as a teenager on work experience.

Wales feasts on 'waste' food

/ Food, Social Enterprise, Sustainable Development

19 May 2011


‘Speak with your mouth full’ says a campaign group touring Wales and hosting feasts made from preventable food waste.

Participation-based festival offers truly intercultural experience

/ Arts

19 May 2011


A festival billed as “the world’s most vibrant intercultural exchange of acoustic music, dance, song and ceremony,” returns to Devon this summer

Banking on change

/ New Economics, Positive Money

19 May 2011


Positive Money is a campaign and research organisation calling for monetary reform. We’re seeking answers to two very important questions, who creates money, and how is it created?

The good habit of having fun

/ Community, Health, Social Enterprise

19 May 2011


Sing your heart out, waddle like a penguin, bang a drum and roll on the floor laughing – it’s good for you says the founder of a centre in London dedicated to helping adults have more fun

Moving at the speed of life

/ Positive Travel

18 May 2011


Adam Weymouth journeyed on foot from England to Turkey and found that walking, with an attitude of openness, offered a unique understanding and experience of the world

Land project inspires ‘compassionate living’

/ Agriculture, Food, Sustainable Development

12 May 2011


A permaculture project in South Shropshire is attempting to promote ways of living that are more caring towards all life.

Six billion ways to make a better world possible

/ Democracy

06 May 2011


Melanie Strickland attends 6 Billion Ways, an event in London promoting local and global justice, and reflects on its aims

Collective conservation efforts boost rhino population in Nepal

/ Conservation

06 May 2011


The population of the Greater One Horned Rhinoceros has increased in Nepal according to a national census.


New eco-friendly washing detergent for outdoor clothing


/ Innovation, Sustainable Development

06 May 2011


The first environmentally-friendly washing detergent specifically designed to tackle the hard-to-remove stains and smells on sports and outdoor clothing, has been launched by eco-friendly cleaning product manufacturer, Alma Win.

We must all rise up peacefully

/ Peace, Positive Perspective

06 May 2011


While politicians tackle the symptoms of an unsustainable economy, we need to call for a complete system change, argues Bruce Nixon

Freedom - an ideal and an agent for change

/ Peace, Positive Perspective, World Goodwill

06 May 2011


The power of an idea whose time has come is amazing. One such idea is embodied in the word freedom, which has been so much in the forefront of our thoughts in recent weeks

Massive marine protected area created in Costa Rica

/ Conservation

06 May 2011


A new marine park covering one million hectares, offers a “beacon of hope for ocean health and human wellbeing”

East meets West at the Tagore Festival in May

/ Arts

06 May 2011


“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” Thus spoke Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), founder of the Shantiniketan educational foundation in Bengal, India, and the inspiration for the establishment of the Dartington Hall Trust in Devon.

Record of achievement


06 May 2011


A magnet to Britain’s best-loved recording artists, The Premises studios in London has played its part in our musical landscape for over 25 years. But the recording studio’s social and environmental credentials are where it really hits the high note

The age-old practice of speaking and listening from the heart

/ Education, Spirit

06 May 2011


Pippa Bondy, a facilitator of courses on ‘the way of council’ – an ancient indigenous practice of holding speaking and listening circles – explains its value in today’s society

Gardeners urged to support woodlands by buying British beanpoles

/ Agriculture, Conservation

06 May 2011


Organisers of National Beanpole Week 2011, which takes place between 23 April and 1 May, have called on the nation’s gardeners to support Britain’s woodlands, and their beans, by switching to British coppiced beanpoles


New website for mind body spirit events


/ Body & Mind, Spirit, Technology

06 May 2011


A new search-engine-based website hopes to revolutionise the promotion and public awareness of ‘mind body spirit’ events in the UK.

Tiger numbers recovering in India

/ Conservation

06 May 2011


The wild tiger population in India has increased, according to new figures released by the country's government