Archived articles from 2011

A letter from the Wrekin Trust

/ Spirit

06 May 2011


Since 1971, when Sir George started the Wrekin Trust with a vision of “spiritual awakening in our time,” many other initiatives have been started and many individuals and organisations have embraced this shift from a mechanistic and disconnected perception to a holistic world view, underpinned by a sense of spirit.


College offers degree in economics for transition


/ Education, Sustainable Development, Transition News

06 May 2011


Schumacher College is the first educational institution in the world to offer a postgraduate programme in Economics for Transition

Zero-carbon ‘long barrow’ built in the Cotswolds

/ Innovation, Renewable Energy

06 May 2011


A stunning new eco-house, inspired by the design of prehistoric long barrow monuments, has been built near Stroud, in the Cotswolds

New product label will promote companies using wind energy

/ Sustainable Development, Technology

06 May 2011


An international product label is being developed to indicate when goods have been made by companies using wind energy

Thousands inspired by permaculture learning centres

/ Agriculture, Food

06 May 2011


As part of the LAND project, launched by the Permaculture Association a little over two years ago, more than 7,000 visitors and 4,000 volunteers have been supported in learning from and taking part in established permaculture projects.

Cafe in Cameroon helps young people join global sustainability effort

/ Education, Sustainable Development

06 May 2011


As part of a growing network around the world, Open World Cafe Cameroon opened in the city of Yaoundé in January 2011

Cape Verde on the rise

/ Sustainable Development

06 May 2011


Cape Verde has become one of the most successful self-sustaining economies in sub-Saharan Africa and earned a reputation as one of its star democracies

Record numbers of salmon and sea trout in English rivers

/ Conservation

06 May 2011


Record numbers of salmon and sea trout are being found in iconic English rivers, say the Environment Agency, which has announced that river water quality in England has improved for the 20th consecutive year


Alternative vote would increase power of average UK voter, says new report


/ Politics

06 May 2011


Independent analysis from think-tank nef (the new economics foundation) shows that the alternative vote, or AV, would increase the power of the average voter

Opportunity for young people to save orangutans in Borneo and star in 3D film

/ Community, Conservation

06 May 2011


A youth-led reforestation project is searching for 10 ‘action agents’ to spend five months in Borneo helping create an orangutan sanctuary, and to star in 3D film about the project

Banking on change

/ New Economics, Positive Money

06 May 2011


At Positive Money we are making good progress campaigning for a better banking system

Could the military use meditation to create peace?

/ Body & Mind, Peace, Spirit

06 May 2011


There’s growing evidence that practicing transcendental meditation may directly create peace in the world and some military authorities are quietly taking the idea seriously

Who owns the story of our future?

/ Positive Perspective, Sustainable Development

30 Mar 2011


Researching for his first book, Mark Stevenson spent a year looking at the scientific horizon – and came back cautiously optimistic

Marina Silva: leading Brazil’s green revolution

/ Conservation, Politics

15 Mar 2011


After a convincing third place in her first time standing for the Brazilian presidency, environmentalist Marina Silva offers hope for a sustainable future in Brazil

12-year-old food grower donates 2 tonnes of vegetables to homeless

/ Food, Youth

15 Mar 2011


When Katie Stagliano, from South Carolina, was just nine years old, she planted a cabbage seedling that grew to change her life. In fact, when it weighed an astounding two-and-a-half stone, she knew it was destined for greater things than her own kitchen.

The economics of happiness

/ New Economics, Wellbeing

15 Mar 2011


A new documentary film is proposing that localised economies can heal the Earth and restore our wellbeing

Children of Peace: new hope for Palestine and Israel

/ Peace, Youth

14 Mar 2011


A unique charity is helping children to set the foundations for a peaceful future in one of the most challenging conflict areas in the world

Victory for Ecuador's indigenous people as Chevron is fined $8.6bn for Amazon oil pollution

/ Justice

14 Mar 2011


The people of Ecuador’s Amazon region have achieved legal justice after an 18-year battle seeking damages for crude oil pollution

Huge palm oil company promises to end deforestation

/ Agriculture, Conservation

14 Mar 2011


World’s second largest palm oil producer commits to conserving precious Indonesian rainforest and to leading the industry towards sustainable practices


/ Spirit

10 Mar 2011


A campaign is encouraging people who consider themselves spiritual but not of a particular faith, to put 'holistic' in answer to the question on religion in the 2011 UK census