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Dongria Kondh boy Kalia stands in front of the Niyamgiri hill range.

/ Environment

11 Mar 2014


The Dongria Kondh in India have won a landmark victory against metal mining giant Vedanta, as plans for a bauxite mine are rejected in a move that could set a new precedent for tribal rights

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/ Economics & Innovation

06 Mar 2014


As pharmaceuticals corruption increases, a ‘blacklist’ is introduced to ban offenders from operation

200804 0444 India Bihar

/ Health

05 Feb 2014


India was once the world’s most polio-ridden country, but strong action has now eradicated the disease, paving the way towards a polio-free Southeast Asia

Peace cooperation and unity NGO football team posing at a new Astro Turf pitch in Kabul

, / Culture, Sport

10 Dec 2013


Euphoric street parties have become an unprecedented part of normal life in Kabul following Afghanistan’s recent sporting successes in both cricket and football

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/ Economics & Innovation, Sustainable Development

22 Nov 2013


Low-income households will receive 29% higher welfare payments as reduced fuel subsidies push petrol and diesel prices up at the pump


Political prisoners freed in Myanmar


/ Peace & Democracy

10 Sep 2013


New president frees a further 73 political prisoners, but activists say peaceful protesters are still regularly arrested and jailed

Indiginous Indonesia

/ Environment

20 Aug 2013


Indigenous Indonesians could soon win greater control over their traditional lands, following a court ruling revoking governmental administration of forests customarily used by aboriginal groups

China turbines

/ Environment

14 Jun 2013


China could set an upper limit for its carbon emissions for the first time, with plans drawn up for the cap to be in place from 2016


/ Community

13 May 2013


Last year’s brutal attack against a young woman in Delhi caused a worldwide outcry, igniting calls for changes in women’s rights. Lorenza Bacino examines what progress is being made in India, and the obstacles it faces

Freshly-threshed rice (c) Neil Palmer (CIAT)

/ Agriculture

10 May 2013


A groundbreaking method of rice growing is gaining traction in India, thanks to its ability to produce larger amounts of crops and allow for independent farming

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/ Agriculture, Environment

26 Apr 2013


A new method of farming has the potential to turn Bangladesh into a food-secure, poverty-free country within a decade

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/ Peace & Democracy

26 Mar 2013


Burma opens its doors to foreign journalists and relaxes protest laws

Orphaned Orangutan in Sumatra

/ Environment

28 Feb 2013


One of the world’s largest paper producers has pledged to protect rainforests and restore the habitats of endangered species, a decision cautiously welcomed by environmental campaigners

EIFL- Knowledge Without Boundaries

/ Education

10 Jan 2013


The Nepalese government has launched an ambitious new programme which aims to eradicate illiteracy in the country by 2015

3Yamabushi 1 - Copy

/ Positive Travel

03 Jan 2013


Trekking the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route in the sacred Kii Mountains of Japan, Aaron Millar is absorbed by stunning scenery, peaceful solitude, fascinating tradition, and Shugendo Buddhism’s insights into the value of nature


/ Health

20 Nov 2012


Celebrities, sports stars and fairground fun make for a new and unusual public health campaign in India

Philippines peace deal. A Moro rebel soldier stands outside an USAID initiative promoting the temporary ceasefire in 2008 Credit Mark Navales

/ Peace & Democracy

08 Nov 2012


A new agreement aims to end separatist violence and establish democracy in conflict-ridden regions of the Philippines


/ Community

04 Oct 2012


Recently the news has been filled with so-called ‘Muslim rage’ in response to an anti-Islam film made by an American citizen. Pakistan hit the headlines accompanied by images of mobs hurling stones and vehicles blazing. However, another group of Pakistanis took to the streets with a different message

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/ Conservation

22 Sep 2012


A pod of dolphins living in the waters of a Japanese island have been declared citizens by local fishermen, in a bid to save them from slaughter

A lady picking kale in Hungtso. Credit- Flickr Rajkumar1220

/ Agriculture

18 Sep 2012


Bhutan has set a target of growing all of its own vegetables by 2014