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Ocean 7 (2)

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10 Sep 2015


The sea has long enchanted human kind – perhaps through its unexplored mystery, awesome power and continual ability to provide useful resources. But Naomi Tolley meets one man who believes our connection runs deeper, and is using it as a focus for therapy


/ Environment

08 Jun 2015


New legislation in New Zealand dictates that animals can feel both positive and negative emotions, and takes steps to improve animal welfare in research

Pacific Island Renwables. Credit- Government of Tokelau

/ Renewable Energy

21 Nov 2012


The Pacific island of Tokelau has completed a project enabling it to meet 150% of its energy needs using renewable power sources, setting a world record and a new global benchmark for sustainable energy


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15 Oct 2012


A week-long celebration of November’s total solar eclipse is due to take place in Queensland


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28 Sep 2012


Former BBC journalist Marie Gabriel swaps the stresses of modern city life for the natural ease of a remote Polynesian island

Generation Zero

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03 Aug 2011


Achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions is central to a prosperous future, say a new movement of young New Zealanders


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03 Aug 2011


Charlotte Squire, founder of Happyzine, is running an online course to help people envision, plan and launch green projects and businesses

New online network to make permaculture mainstream

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09 Jun 2011


A new website is showcasing permaculture projects and practitioners from across the world, in an effort to revolutionise the way permaculture is practiced and bring it into mainstream consciousness.