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/ Politics

20 Mar 2015


For the first time in decades, a grassroots organisation in Spain has the potential to unseat the country’s major political parties. Could this herald the beginning of a Europe-wide political revolution?


/ Community, Peace

09 Mar 2015


Against a backdrop of hatred and antisemitism, a new wave of activism born of tolerance and solidarity is gaining traction


/ Economics & Innovation

07 Feb 2015


The new scheme aims to boost the country's economy in the long term


/ Media

06 Jan 2015


As Danish newspaper Information publishes a special ‘constructive’ edition, Cathrine Gyldensted considers the future of positive journalism


/ Positive Travel

17 Dec 2014


Jini Reddy travels deep into the French Pyrenees on a solo wilderness quest that promises respite from the emotional and physical distractions of modern life. Can she get by with only her thoughts and nature’s whisper for company?

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/ Body & Mind, Health, Innovation, Science, Wellbeing

11 Dec 2014


A paralysed man in Poland is slowly learning to walk again thanks to a breakthrough medical procedure

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/ Democracy

01 Dec 2014


Estonia has become the first former Soviet country to legalise gay marriage

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24 Nov 2014


European nations seen as best prepared to care for ageing populations

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/ Environment, Renewable Energy

21 Oct 2014


Danish ministers hope the rest of Europe will follow its example in deriving power from renewable sources


/ Democracy, Politics, Wellbeing

05 Sep 2014


With Ireland in first place, a new index has been created to measure the good that countries do for the rest of the world. Ben Whitford meets its founder, Simon Anholt, and finds out how it could encourage more altruistic and socially positive government policies

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/ Agriculture, Food

21 Aug 2014


Supermarket chain Intermarché in France has been selling ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables to customers at a discounted rate to highlight the problem of food waste and provide customers with a cheaper shopping alternative

Berlin, house of one, place of worship

/ Community, Peace

04 Aug 2014


A new house of worship, which founders hope will promote interfaith understanding, is to be built in the heart of Berlin


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16 Jul 2014


For a responsible family holiday to the Catalan coast, Alice Grahame takes the new Paris-Barcelona train, and doesn’t compromise on her principles


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18 Jun 2014


What would you do if you could do anything? Jamie Bowlby-Whiting asked himself the same question and decided he wanted to be ... a pirate

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/ Community

16 Jun 2014


A handwritten message in a beer bottle has washed ashore after 101 years; Danielle Batist shares a heartwarming story of good old-fashioned communication

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/ Democracy, Peace

13 Jun 2014


Following the announcement of Basque separatist group Eta’s intention to disarm, Nicola Slawson examines the opportunity and challenges facing the delicate peace process ahead

Into the Volcano

/ Positive Travel

07 May 2014


In Iceland, a revolutionary sustainable tourism project lets tourists descend into the magma chamber of a volcano. Aaron Millar steadies his nerve and checks it out

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/ Environment, Renewable Energy

21 Feb 2014


Spain has become the first country to draw more electricity from wind power than any other source over the course of an entire year.


Mandatory environmental reporting proposed for all businesses


/ Environment

20 Feb 2014


MEPs have welcomed a proposal that could see all European businesses required to publish detailed information about their environmental activity

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/ Media

18 Feb 2014


The first dedicated centre for constructive journalism plans to use extensive psychological research to help set a more positive global news agenda