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Wind Turbine for Renewable Electricity Generator (c) Flickr member epSos de

/ Environment, Renewable Energy

21 Feb 2014


Spain has become the first country to draw more electricity from wind power than any other source over the course of an entire year.


Mandatory environmental reporting proposed for all businesses


/ Environment

20 Feb 2014


MEPs have welcomed a proposal that could see all European businesses required to publish detailed information about their environmental activity

Cathrine teaching (c) Misako Ono

/ Media

18 Feb 2014


The first dedicated centre for constructive journalism plans to use extensive psychological research to help set a more positive global news agenda

Protesting food speculation (c) World (c) World Development Movement

/ Food

14 Feb 2014


After two years of negotiations, the European parliament has reached a deal to clamp down on speculation in food markets

Abandoned ship used by migrants in Lampedusa

/ Peace & Democracy

10 Feb 2014


After 300 Eritrean asylum seekers lost their lives in a disaster at sea, a group of individuals came together to create a pact that aims to change the way we think about migration


Campaigners make final push for European ecocide law


/ Environment

02 Jan 2014


Campaigners vow to continue fighting ecosystem destruction as a campaign to make ecocide a crime in Europe draws to a close

Swiss pay vote

/ Economics & Innovation

20 Nov 2013


Thousands of people have supported an initiative that would cap executive pay at 12 times the annual wage of the lowest earner in a company

Ouklanda rafting

/ Positive Travel

14 Nov 2013


Where the Arctic Circle and the vast Russian borderlands meet, there's a land known to locals as one of the world's final frontiers. Remote, vast and untamed, Oulanka National Park in Finland is the ultimate adventure and nature travel destination – and it needn't cost the Earth to visit, writes Naomi Tolley

Solar Panel in Germany

/ Environment, Renewable Energy

13 Nov 2013


E.ON and RWE plant closures put Germany on track to achieve 2020 renewable energy targets


Algae lamp absorbs 200 times more CO₂ than trees


/ Technology

16 Oct 2013


A French scientist has found a way to put slimy pond produce to good use

Eurostar at St.Pancras

/ Good Business

26 Sep 2013


Imagine if traveling through Europe by train was as easy as taking a flight. We meet the entrepreneur helping make this a reality

Biopiracy EU

/ Environment

13 Aug 2013


The European parliament is to vote on a bill that will make it harder for pharmaceutical companies to exploit the traditional knowledge of indigenous people

Human Rights Centre

/ Peace & Democracy

07 Aug 2013


Groundbreaking training centre for protesters, developed in response to the use of social networks in the Arab spring, opens in Florence

Austria travel

/ Positive Travel

01 Aug 2013


Outside of the ski season, summer in the Austrian Alps offers holiday bargains, empty mountains and, if you’re so inclined, therapeutic naked saunas. Claudia Cahalane straps on her walking boots and heads to the hills

Kaptan June

/ Positive People

26 Jul 2013


After June Haimoff lost her house, partner & beloved boat, she went around the world to find a new home. She ended up saving thousands of turtles' lives and is now a leading conservationst. She tells Lorenza Bacino her story

Geothermal greenhouse

/ Environment, Sustainable Development

18 Jun 2013


Through sustainable farming, business, innovation and making the most of its as yet largely untapped natural resources, Iceland has the potential to become a completely sustainable nation from which others can learn. Lucy Purdy reports from Reykjavík


/ Economics & Innovation

18 Jun 2013


Iceland was the epicentre of the 2008 financial crisis that rocked the world. Five years on, after letting its banks fail, things are looking different. Ben Whitford investigates

Hot spring, Reykjavik

/ Environment, Renewable Energy

18 Jun 2013


Iceland produces more energy than it can use, but thanks to advances in technology, the UK could soon be on hand to help out


, / Environment, Positive Perspective

24 May 2013


The push for a ban on neonicotinoid pesticides – believed to be linked to a dramatic decline in the populations of bees and other pollinators – mobilised millions of European citizens, some of them for the first time, says Brigit Strawbridge


/ Science

17 May 2013


A team of scientists has developed a groundbreaking microchip that could help millions of visually impaired people regain their vision