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15 Nov 2012


Now in its second year, September’s global Free Money Day roused both gratitude and apprehension around the world

Felicity Warner founder of Soul Midwives. Credit f.warner

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12 Nov 2012


Ancient knowledge surrounding the processes of death is being brought back into modern care by soul midwives who seek to comfort those in their final days

Jamyang Dolma (Tibetan Song Lady)

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02 Nov 2012


A new project is trying to bridge the gap between young and old by bringing bedtime storytelling to children and adults alike


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31 Oct 2012


Avoid so-called ‘ethical’ investments and stick to positive ones, says founder of new investment website

Julie Howell

/ Economics & Innovation

29 Oct 2012


Julie Howell, founder of new business Giraffe Sense Mentoring, offers her tips on how to approach job seeking in a recession

Credit- Linh Do

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17 Oct 2012


A United Nations project aiming to help create a greener global economy has reported positive results from its initial projects


Becoming the cultural healer


/ World Goodwill

14 Oct 2012


Simon Marlow calls for humanity to leave it's differences in the past and instead work towards collectively creating a vision for a more positive future

Flickr member Tanitta

/ Peace & Democracy

11 Oct 2012


A new international day aims to raise awareness of girls’ rights to education around the world

Feminism plackard

/ Peace & Democracy

05 Oct 2012


As a new wave of feminism is sweeping the globe, Emily Prichard reports on the impact it’s having on outdated values

credit Nick J Webb

/ Paul Fletcher, Positive Perspective

03 Oct 2012


With the Olympic Games marking a moment of inspiration, 2012 is an opportunity for humanity to move into spiritual maturity, says Paul Fletcher

green is the new black lifestyle

/ Culture

02 Oct 2012


From Fair Wear to wardrobe surgery, fashion designers are not only coming up with new ways to recycle and reinvent their clothes, but are also lobbying MEPs for a more transparent labelling system

Raw salad

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28 Sep 2012


Kristina Georgiou finds out about the benefits of eating food as close to its natural state as possible


/ Environment

27 Sep 2012


The biochar debate may have quietened down in recent years, but entrepreneur Craig Sams – founder of Green & Blacks chocolate – says his research is showing promising signs of biochar’s potential in the battle against climate change

Peacekeeping - UNMIS

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26 Sep 2012


Michelin-starred chefs will help to raise funds to save the lives of malnourished children by taking part in World Food Day this autumn


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26 Sep 2012


Updates from Positive Money on efforts to reform the money system

African grey parrot

/ Environment

22 Sep 2012


A group of leading scientists has publicly proclaimed that animals possess cognitive abilities similar to humans

Simon Dixon High Res

/ Economics & Innovation

19 Sep 2012


As a flurry of new platforms for investing money hits the internet, dissatisfaction with traditional banking is beginning to lead to a movement for a viable alternative, reports Lee Williams


/ Agriculture

14 Sep 2012


Seed Freedom Fortnight will raise awareness of the issues facing farmers in India

Free Money Day global co-ordinator Dr Donnie Maclurcan

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13 Sep 2012


People across the globe will give their own money away to complete strangers on 15 September 2012 as part of Free Money Day

British physicist Higgs arrives for a scientific seminar to deliver the latest update in the search for the Higgs boson at the CERN in Meyrin

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11 Sep 2012


Editorial: Where the media puts its focus helps shape our world