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Flatpack shelter (c) IKEA Foundation

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28 Nov 2013


Innovative flat pack refugee shelters designed to improve living conditions for people living in temporary structures around the world are currently being put into use in Iraq and Ethiopia

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27 Nov 2013


Iran has agreed to temporarily suspend its nuclear programme in exchange for the relaxation of sanctions, which could boost its stagnant economy by $7bn

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/ Democracy

26 Nov 2013


A new UN resolution means women will be given greater consultation during peace talks and calls for funding to promote women’s leadership

Rap bag

/ Positive Products

19 Nov 2013


Rin Hamburgh rounds up this season’s must-haves for conscious shoppers

Waris Dirie speaking at the launch (c) Krankenhaus Waldfriede

/ Health, Justice

15 Nov 2013


Somali-born activist and former model Waris Dirie launches pioneering new centre in Berlin

Bumble Bee (c) Flickr Member Radu Privantu

/ Health

11 Nov 2013


Nanoparticles containing a toxin found in bee venom can destroy HIV without harming healthy cells, scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine have discovered

Sheryl Sandberg speaks at TED Women © James Duncan Davidson : TED

/ Ideas worth spreading

29 Oct 2013


Inspiring more women to reach the top of their professions and celebrating everyday positive leadership are the topics in our latest blog entry, which reviews the uplifting TED Talks series

John Kerry © Foreign and Commonwealth Office

/ #OwnTheMedia, Cathrine Gyldensted, Media, Positive Perspective

23 Oct 2013


When the US and Russia agreed a diplomatic response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, it was a constructive question from a journalist that initiated the breakthrough, says Cathrine Gyldensted


/ Positive Psychology

14 Oct 2013


Sharing in others’ good news and being open to criticism are key to better relationships, explains our positive psychology columnist, Chris Johnstone

(c) Flickr member Wonderlane

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08 Oct 2013


With TV making its way onto computers, tablets and mobile phones, we’re suffering from squarer eyes than ever before. But, as Diane Shipley finds, TV has more to offer society than brain rot

Martin Luther King

/ Positive News blog

07 Oct 2013


Editorial: There is a spirit of goodwill that shines through in the inspiring stories of peace-building, kindness, creativity and innovation that Positive News publishes, and it’s something that our 20th anniversary survey showed is shared by you, our readers


/ Health

01 Oct 2013


Scientists are working to develop malaria resistance in mosquitoes, which could prevent transmission of the disease to humans

Windmill park

/ Renewable Energy

27 Sep 2013


Calls for an end to subsidies for fossil fuels as the developing world pushes growth in renewables, which are expected to outstrip gas and nuclear by 2016

Kerala backwaters

/ Positive Travel, Positive Travel Blog

25 Sep 2013


The first in a new series exploring the most sustainable and transformational travel experiences the world has to offer


/ Arts Review

24 Sep 2013


Damien Hirst says that all art is focused on death. Not so, says Amy Smith, who delves into recent art history to reveal key pieces that sing out with joy

(c) Aluna the Movie Ltd 2013_LOW_RES

, / Conservation, Media

16 Sep 2013


25 years ago an isolated Colombian tribe emerged to share a warning about humanity’s future, captured in a film about them that had a far-reaching global impact. But now the tribe has surfaced again to give us a powerful new message

genetically engineered soy beans

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12 Sep 2013


In our newest regular column, we bring you up to date with our pick of the most exciting campaign successes from around the world

Jane McGonigal

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09 Sep 2013


The latest entry in our regular blog which reviews the most inspiring videos on offer in the TED Talks series. This month we look at what really makes us happy, in life and work

(c) Flickr member torbakhopper_CROPPED_LOW_RES

/ Peace

04 Sep 2013


War has 'not existed for the majority of human history,' say anthropologists


/ #OwnTheMedia, Cathrine Gyldensted, Media

03 Sep 2013


Having launched a new course to teach ‘constructive news’ reporting, investigative journalist Cathrine Gyldensted explains why she set out to radically innovate her profession and how a more positive approach will lead to better journalism