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/ Culture

22 Jan 2013


Pioneering furniture designers are turning their attention to issues of sustainability and recycling, and as Rooksana Hossenally discovers, there’s not a bamboo chair in sight

Five Pointz graffiti in New York (c)     Bob Jagendorf

/ Culture

18 Jan 2013


Graffiti: eyesore vandalism or the creative lifeblood of our cities? Tania Ahsan investigates

A wave converter device

/ Renewable Energy

18 Jan 2013


Marine energy has the potential to provide the UK with 20% of its power requirements. Jacqueline Easby considers its future role in energy supply and asks why the technology has not seen more investment

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/ Paul Fletcher, Positive Perspective

15 Jan 2013


A shift in consciousness in all areas of human activity is necessary if we are to move into an era of true prosperity, writes Paul Fletcher

2 Credit College Degrees 360

/ Economics & Innovation

14 Jan 2013


A UK-based reading group programme has been set up to help people better understand the economy

A rainforst in Laos (c) Gnilenkov Aleksey

/ Environment

11 Jan 2013


Planned study hailed as significant step towards making mass destruction of the environment a crime against peace, while new campaign to end ecocide by 2020 is launched

Media petition. The Global Alliance for Transformational Media team. Credit GATE

/ Media

09 Jan 2013


A petition calling for more positive and inspirational film and television media has been started by US non-profit organisation the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE)


Child mortality rates falling globally


/ Health

05 Jan 2013


A new UNICEF report shows that efforts to tackle child mortality have made a tangible impact across the world

Sri Lanka (c) Flickr member Planetlight

/ Wellbeing

04 Jan 2013


A new report calls for people affected by international development programmes to be listened to more closely, with their wellbeing given more emphasis


/ Peace & Democracy

31 Dec 2012


Bethany Wivell finds that there’s more to the Rotary Club than street collections, and considers its momentous achievements across the globe

Picture 231

/ Positive Money

29 Dec 2012


Economists from the Financial Services Authority and the International Monetary Fund are among new voices to acknowledge that the ability of private banks to create money was at the heart of the financial crisis


/ Peace & Democracy

23 Dec 2012


The author and filmmaker Helena Norberg-Hodge has received the 2012 Goi Peace Award for her contribution to “strengthening local communities and economies worldwide”

This is Joe from Ayrshire, who's built his own solar panels!

/ Environment

22 Dec 2012


The actions taken by people fighting climate change have been honoured in an online photography exhibition curated by campaign group 10:10

2 credit shuhada organization

/ Peace & Democracy

19 Dec 2012


Sweden’s ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’ has recognised the tremendous efforts of activists around the world working towards global harmony

one two tree family 1

/ Arts, Environment

17 Dec 2012


With growing environmental concerns over using real trees and with the most common alternative being plastic, designers are rising to the challenge by creating affordable and sustainable Christmas trees that don’t scrimp on style


/ Economics & Innovation

17 Dec 2012


Economic insecurity has put a dampener on much of the year, but as Natalie Revie finds, the co-operative business model is a beacon of hope in these austere times


Enriching connections


/ Positive News blog

13 Dec 2012


Editorial: At a time of financial recession, we have the opportunity to remember that the greatest assets we have are each other. Our greatest currency is our social bonds. And our greatest capital is the content of the human heart

Regional Power Shift rally, US 2011 credit 350.org

/ Environment

12 Dec 2012


A new global event aims to unify action on climate change and is calling for young environmental leaders to get behind the cause


/ Economics & Innovation

11 Dec 2012


Offering a powerful and holistic foundation for a more life-sustaining society, Charles Eisenstein’s idea of the ‘gift economy’ flips current thinking on its head. Jini Reddy meets the man behind the vision


/ Wellbeing

07 Dec 2012


There is resurgent interest in improving citizens’ wellbeing, but this doesn’t mean we should automatically dismiss negative emotions; they can be important signals for change, says Matt Mellen