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Ellie Cosgrave

/ Positive People

27 Aug 2013


From environmental activists to Saudi Arabia’s first female film director, women are speaking out in increasingly diverse ways. Lucy Purdy meets those making their voices heard

Positive products

/ Positive Products

19 Aug 2013


Rin Hamburgh’s regular pick of the best ethical products

Suspended coffee © Coffee7

/ Community

12 Aug 2013


A tradition started in Italy over a hundred years ago has recently re-emerged as a massive global movement of selflessness and compassion. Veronique Mistiaen reports on the ‘suspended coffee’ phenomenon


/ Technology

05 Aug 2013


The Fairphone initiative, launched to create completely conflict-free mobile phones, is picking up the pace. But will it ever be able to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung? Will Simpson investigates

Whitetip shark

/ Environment

25 Jul 2013


Millions of sharks will be saved every year following international agreement

Gever Tulley

/ Ideas worth spreading

19 Jul 2013


Our pick of TED Talks that look at the benefits of risk-taking

Reporter's notebook

/ Media

15 Jul 2013


A new initiative in June saw newspapers around the world dedicate space to news that highlighted positive responses to global challenges

waste heat recovery

/ Environment

11 Jul 2013


Cities around the US are trialling a pioneering new technology that reduces the need for traditional heating by up to 70%

Tucano de Bico Preto - Channel Billed Toucan

/ Environment

03 Jul 2013


New research demonstrates we are more clued up about biodiversity than ever before, and we want companies and products to get on board too


/ Positive Psychology

01 Jul 2013


Positive psychologist Chris Johnstone reflects on the importance of mental resilience, a frame of mind that can be learned with flexible thinking practices

We Wood watches

/ Positive Products

24 Jun 2013


Rin Simpson rounds up some of the best buys for conscious shoppers. This month, she looks at must-haves for fabulous fashionistas


/ Arts, Culture

21 Jun 2013


Inflated ticket prices for ‘sold-out’ events could become a thing of the past, thanks to the growing popularity of a collaborative ticket-finding service

Kids in Rwanda

/ Wellbeing

20 Jun 2013


New reports from the UN indicate that some of the poorest countries could be rid of extreme poverty in two decades


/ Arts, Culture

12 Jun 2013


A new online exhibition aims to share and amplify the voices, stories and art of Muslim women around the world

Dev Biswal

/ Environment, Food

05 Jun 2013


Today is World Environment Day and the 2013 theme is anti-food waste. With up to 2bn tonnes of food discarded worldwide every year, Michelin-rated chef and SuperScrimpers’ star Dev Biswal gives his top tips for reducing waste


New food think tank addresses world’s ‘broken food system’


/ Environment, Food

05 Jun 2013


People around the world are dying of starvation while others are killed by obesity. This broken model needs fixing, says new organisation Food Tank

3 (c) Ed Schipul

/ Ideas worth spreading

04 Jun 2013


This month we consider two TED talks that explore vibrant, unconventional approaches to education


Cell therapy shows promise for acute leukaemia


/ Health

29 May 2013


A new type of ‘living drug’ has produced encouraging remission results in adults with aggressive leukaemia

(c) Flickr member Elinor and Liz

/ Democracy

27 May 2013


The last few months have seen significant changes to gay marriage laws around the world. Rachel England summarises the latest developments


/ Democracy

25 May 2013


Over 150 countries have voted in favour of a treaty that will prevent the sale of weapons to warlords, pirates and gangs