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British physicist Higgs arrives for a scientific seminar to deliver the latest update in the search for the Higgs boson at the CERN in Meyrin

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11 Sep 2012


Editorial: Where the media puts its focus helps shape our world


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11 Sep 2012


Jeremy Wickremer, founder of the Transformational Media Summit, says modern media can help us towards a better relationship with each other and the Earth

Martyn Lewis photo

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11 Sep 2012


Former BBC news presenter issues renewed call for more realistic balance of good and bad news


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05 Sep 2012


A former Irish gunrunning ship has set sail on a song-filled peace mission to Israel, fulfilling the long-held retirement dreams of a North Pennines smallholder


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01 Aug 2012


Open Cinema, a UK film club helping homeless and socially excluded people reconnect with society, has branched out internationally


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20 Jul 2012


Ecocide law could be closer than previously thought following discovery of documents revealing it was discussed by UN in the past


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19 Jul 2012


Updates on the Transition movement: Spain conference, political support in Sweden, and celebrations in the UK


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12 Jul 2012


Seán Dagan Wood discovers how a new series of innovative workshops run by the award-winning filmmaker, musician and ‘creative catalyst’ Jamie Catto, is inspiring people to realise their potential


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04 Jul 2012


Positive News is looking for new reviewers to contribute to its website and print publication


Social network launched to inspire positive change


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02 Jul 2012


A new social network has been launched to promote ideas that will improve our lives and change the world


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27 Jun 2012


In February 2012, a group of conservationists and animal experts at the world’s biggest science conference pushed for large marine mammals to be given the same rights as humans


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27 Jun 2012


He has fought a tribe of monkeys, survived several accidents and is nine years into an epic adventure. Tom Lawson catches up with explorer Furtemba Sherpa


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27 Jun 2012


More than 900 films aimed at inspiring change, which can be watched online for free, have been catalogued by the website Films for Action


Solar energy could quadruple in five years


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26 Jun 2012


The world's solar power generating capacity could grow by between 200 and 400% over the next five years if there is political will, according to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA)

Square Mile 3

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20 Jun 2012


Several trillion dollars is traded in currency around the world daily, with huge profits being pocketed by banks and traders. But one trader is bucking the trend by donating some of his company’s profits to charity, as well as giving a better rate of exchange to clients


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18 Jun 2012


A week of events celebrating the good in the world will take place from 18-24 June 2012

Portrait of Bill McKibben, author and activist. photo ©Nancie Battaglia

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18 Jun 2012


Stephen Lewis talks to one of the world’s best-known environmentalists, the founder of 350.org, Bill McKibben, about the fierce struggles and successes of the environmental movement


Ripples of change from Rio


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18 Jun 2012


Twenty years on from the first Earth Summit, Kirsty Schneeberger looks at the potential for positive outcomes at Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, taking place 20-22 June 2012


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16 Jun 2012


Countries with higher income equality function better, says Danny Dorling

Peacekeeping - UNMIT

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16 Jun 2012


The United Nations has set new guidelines for giving marginalised people access to land, fisheries and forests