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/ Environment, Renewable Energy

23 Mar 2013


Projected electricity demands for 2050 could be met by solar energy derived from 1% of the world's land mass, according to a new report


/ Environment

21 Mar 2013


The United Nation’s International Day of Forests aims to inform people across the world about how important trees really are, and why they need our help


/ Media

21 Mar 2013


New independent e-news service the Avaaz Daily Briefing aims to cut through “bias, propaganda, and spin,” to deliver the latest clear-cut news on key global issues


/ Food

16 Mar 2013


MEPs have banned wasteful practices to try to make EU fishing more sustainable. But it's not just policymakers who can have an impact, argues the Marine Conservation Society. Bernadette Clarke explains choices consumers can make to help secure the future of fish

SG and Austrian Federal Minister hold Joint Press Conference

/ Wellbeing

15 Mar 2013


The first ever International Day of Happiness encourages people all over the globe to reflect on what really matters, and to have lots of fun doing so

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/ Ideas worth spreading

05 Feb 2013


The second entry in a regular blog reviewing our pick of the most inspiring videos on offer in the TED talks series, which showcases visionary ideas


/ Environment

01 Feb 2013


A new website has launched enabling businesses and charities to exchange unwanted items, such as building materials and office furniture, for free


/ Renewable Energy

31 Jan 2013


Cramped, windowless dwellings in impoverished parts of the world are being given a new lease of life thanks to a remarkably simple invention

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/ Ideas worth spreading

30 Jan 2013


The first entry in a regular blog reviewing our pick of the most inspiring videos on offer in the TED talks series, which showcases visionary ideas

Bloomington Community Orchard 9.18.10

/ Positive Perspective

28 Jan 2013


Through collective ownership, together we can take back control of our resources, and in turn our lives and communities, argues Matt Mellen

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/ Wellbeing

25 Jan 2013


Levels of personal happiness increase after people directly share good news about their lives with others, a new report concludes

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/ Culture

22 Jan 2013


Pioneering furniture designers are turning their attention to issues of sustainability and recycling, and as Rooksana Hossenally discovers, there’s not a bamboo chair in sight

Five Pointz graffiti in New York (c)     Bob Jagendorf

/ Culture

18 Jan 2013


Graffiti: eyesore vandalism or the creative lifeblood of our cities? Tania Ahsan investigates

A wave converter device

/ Renewable Energy

18 Jan 2013


Marine energy has the potential to provide the UK with 20% of its power requirements. Jacqueline Easby considers its future role in energy supply and asks why the technology has not seen more investment

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/ Paul Fletcher, Positive Perspective

15 Jan 2013


A shift in consciousness in all areas of human activity is necessary if we are to move into an era of true prosperity, writes Paul Fletcher

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/ Economics & Innovation

14 Jan 2013


A UK-based reading group programme has been set up to help people better understand the economy

A rainforst in Laos (c) Gnilenkov Aleksey

/ Environment

11 Jan 2013


Planned study hailed as significant step towards making mass destruction of the environment a crime against peace, while new campaign to end ecocide by 2020 is launched

Media petition. The Global Alliance for Transformational Media team. Credit GATE

/ Media

09 Jan 2013


A petition calling for more positive and inspirational film and television media has been started by US non-profit organisation the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE)


Child mortality rates falling globally


/ Health

05 Jan 2013


A new UNICEF report shows that efforts to tackle child mortality have made a tangible impact across the world

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/ Wellbeing

04 Jan 2013


A new report calls for people affected by international development programmes to be listened to more closely, with their wellbeing given more emphasis