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26 Mar 2015


A project is fostering cooperation and trust among Palestinians and Israelis in the olive oil industry

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27 Nov 2014


A growing number of western-European countries are calling for Palestine to be recognised as a state and Sweden is leading the way


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17 Nov 2014


As Syria struggles under the weight of ongoing conflict, teams of ordinary citizens are staying to help people where others have fled – and saving lives in the process

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14 Nov 2014


Permaculture is often associated with agriculture, but now a global network of environmentalists, development professionals and entrepreneurs aims to combine the power of human connections with sustainable design to help rebuild the war-torn Gaza Strip

Oman - Mountains

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22 Oct 2014


Justin Francis, managing director of sustainable tourism site responsibletravel.com, travels to Oman in search of an authentic Arabian experience far removed from the high-rise tourism usually associated with the Gulf States

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22 Aug 2014


The Egyptian Alliance for Minorities, including Arab and Jewish members as well as other religious, ethnic and political groups, united in solidarity for a Ramadan meal at a synagogue in Egypt’s capital as violence erupted in nearby Gaza


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20 Aug 2014


The role of the Arab league and the US, and the lessons that can be learned from the Northern Ireland peace process, are key to reaching peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians, says Vijay Mehta

Yehuda Shaul, one of the founds of Breaking the Silence (c) Flickr member Trocaire

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20 Aug 2014


Anna Behrmann talks to grassroots groups protesting for peace in Israel and the Palestinian territories, and discovers their defiant commitment to their cause, despite intimidation and the continuing crisis in the region


Forgiveness not vengeance shown to Iranian murderer


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17 Jun 2014


The execution of an Iranian murderer was halted when his victim’s mother spared him, with his neck already in the noose


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03 Apr 2014


The employment glass ceiling has long been off-limits to women in Saudi Arabia, but it’s hoped that this new appointment will strike within it a tiny crack that turns into an open door


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07 Mar 2014


The government announced in January that it would welcome a small number of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees to Britain. This is not enough, says Mike Levy, who is calling for a national effort to take 10,000 refugees into our homes

Peace cooperation and unity NGO football team posing at a new Astro Turf pitch in Kabul

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10 Dec 2013


Euphoric street parties have become an unprecedented part of normal life in Kabul following Afghanistan’s recent sporting successes in both cricket and football

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27 Nov 2013


Iran has agreed to temporarily suspend its nuclear programme in exchange for the relaxation of sanctions, which could boost its stagnant economy by $7bn

Saudi domestic violence

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12 Nov 2013


The Saudi Arabian government has approved a law banning domestic abuse against women, children and domestic workers

Azzam Alwash on November 9th 2012 with fish seller in Kirmashiye, Iraq

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02 Aug 2013


‘Garden of Eden’ returns to life as Mesopotamian marshlands are officially recognised as Iraq’s first national park

Capoeira class

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17 Jun 2013


A groundbreaking social project is using the art of capoeira to coax shell-shocked and vulnerable children out from behind their painful memories and towards empowerment and hope


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31 May 2013


Small UK charities join forces to engage young people in raising awareness and providing help for Syria

GA Meeting

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13 Feb 2013


King Abdullah has appointed 30 women to Saudi Arabia’s formal advisory council, suggesting the country is moving towards greater equality for women

Shani Choir (c) Children of Peace

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29 Jun 2012


An Israeli-Palestinian girl’s choir will make its first trip to the UK to open the 2012 Three Choirs Festival in Hereford, sponsored by conflict resolution charity Children of Peace

Peter Owen Jones

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22 Jan 2012


A new desert retreat with ‘Extreme Pilgrim’ Peter Owen Jones in the Sinai wilderness offers the chance to get a different perspective