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14 May 2015


For a long time the progress of renewable energy has been hampered by its transient nature: neither the sun nor wind is ‘on’ 24/7. But now Elon Musk’s new energy storage invention is set to change the renewables landscape as we know it


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18 Feb 2015


New York’s not all skyscrapers and shopping. Sarah Bareham discovers a greener, more local side to the Big Apple’s state


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06 Feb 2015


Since 1987 more than 500,000 US citizens have received hearts, livers, kidneys and other donated organs that have extended their lives, according to new research


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27 Jan 2015


A pioneering new enterprise aims to change the way young people view classical music


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17 Dec 2014


Kay Morris-Robertson thought she had everything she wanted when tragedy struck and changed her life forever. She tells Aaron Millar how she undertook an 80,000 mile journey of healing, travelling across all 50 states of America, from A to Z

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08 Dec 2014


Give homeless individuals a fair chance, says social justice coalition

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03 Dec 2014


Hanging on a sheer cliff face at a head-spinning height with nothing but a thin sheet of nylon separating him from a vast drop, Aaron Millar considers how fearsome adventure really is the making of us


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29 Sep 2014


Journalists and PR executives can be part of the solution to global problems, say Transformational Media Summit organisers

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18 Sep 2014


A groundbreaking ruling allows towns opposed to fracking to ban heavy industry within municipal borders


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03 Jun 2014


The US government has announced that it is withdrawing from its role as steward of the internet’s domain name system

SolarTAC test facility in Aurora, CO

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19 May 2014


The solar-power industry in the US is creating jobs ten times faster than the economy as a whole, reports The Solar Foundation


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02 Apr 2014


A group of former Occupy Wall Street activists have abolished nearly $15m (£9m) of Americans’ medical debt as part of a goodwill campaign to free debtors at random


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02 Oct 2013


A US website is using people power to help diagnose medical conditions


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08 Aug 2013


Ahead of the release of blockbuster film The Lone Ranger, Aaron Millar visited the Navajo Nation to discover the culture, identity and astonishing resilience of America’s first people

Idle No More

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24 Jul 2013


Ben Whitford charts the rise of Idle No More, a movement gaining broad appeal as it attempts to protect the land and water upon which indigenous Canadian communities depend


Campaign to put LA Times in hands of the people


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13 Jun 2013


A crowdfunding campaign in the US is attempting to raise $660m to buy The Tribune Company, which owns publications including the LA Times, in order to prevent it from being taken over by media conglomerates

waste wood 4

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19 Apr 2013


Sculptor James McNabb has created a series of wood sculptures exploring the idea that there should be no such thing as waste


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08 Apr 2013


Two prominent American colleges are re-examining their energy investment policies thanks to a national climate change campaign


Baby born with HIV appears ‘cured’


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17 Mar 2013


According to researchers, a baby has been ‘functionally cured’ of HIV, marking a potentially world-changing development in modern medicine


New York homicide falls to 40-year low


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05 Mar 2013


Murders in New York City have decreased significantly, mirroring trends across the rest of the United States