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UCL researchers compete to get positive ideas funded


/ Innovation

30 Jan 2013


University researchers who want to help make the world a better place will have an opportunity to win £2,000 of funding tomorrow evening at an event run by researchers from University College London (UCL)

Satish Kumar (c) Jack Razzak

/ Culture

30 Jan 2013


We must challenge our ideas about what is real and possible if we are to create a ‘more beautiful world’, claim a group of innovators who came together at TEDxWhitechapel. Claudia Cahalane joined the audience

(c) Ryan Hyde

/ Environment

29 Jan 2013


Environmentalism is about values, not income, new research shows

Mark Williamson in the office (c) Matt Chocqueel-Mangan

/ Community

25 Jan 2013


Dr Mark Williamson, director of Action for Happiness, responds to the results of the first national assessment of UK values

Wheelbarrow race, Aldborough, Norfolk (c) Flickr member Steenberg

/ Community

25 Jan 2013


Far-reaching research into people’s values indicates that people feel positively about the UK on a local level, but feel that their values are not reflected in how the country operates at a national level

Antony Jenkins (c) VisMedia

/ Economics & Innovation

24 Jan 2013


The new boss of Barclays Bank has told his workforce that they must sign up to a new set of banking values – or quit

Laura Willoughby

/ Economics & Innovation

24 Jan 2013


New regulations to make the process of switching bank accounts easier means that up to 14 million UK high street bank customers are expected to change banks in 2013

(c) Dotty Finlow

/ Agriculture

21 Jan 2013


A new volunteer network has been set up to distribute free food to those in need, from unsellable farm crops that would otherwise go to waste


/ Arts

17 Jan 2013


As the National Literacy Trust publishes figures suggesting children are reading less, a variety of projects across the country are working hard to keep books cool and are making it easier to get hold of a good read


/ Environment, Renewable Energy

16 Jan 2013


A leisure centre in County Durham is keeping the environment – and its budget – in shape with a range of new energy-generating machines


/ Arts

14 Jan 2013


Forget placards and megaphones, Rin Simpson finds out how craft-based activism is making waves in fighting global injustice

The Amazings workshop, City Rd, London 28/4/12

/ Community

12 Jan 2013


A group of keenly minded mentors are spreading their wisdom around London in a venture set to enrich the lives of both young and old

honesty shop (c) Barnaby Perrin Aldous

/ Economics & Innovation

10 Jan 2013


London’s unique Honesty Shop bus conversion is bringing out the best in people and raising money for charity


/ Culture

09 Jan 2013


TEDx event titled Visions for Transition will stimulate thought and discussion on the planet’s most pressing matters

Frances seated, cropped for h and s

/ Community, Economics & Innovation

09 Jan 2013


A new report from the TUC has shown that the British public largely supports the welfare system once it realises where benefit money actually goes. Natalie Revie speaks to four people whose lives are examples of the positive effects it can have


/ Culture, Wellbeing

08 Jan 2013


Dance music artists joined with spiritual teachers at The Big Om, a unique sound healing party in December 2012. Robin Robinson went along to experience the harmony


/ Wellbeing

07 Jan 2013


Sound is increasingly being used as a healing tool throughout hospitals in the UK. Tom Lawson talks to practitioners from the College of Sound Healing to discover the benefits


/ A permaculture journey

28 Dec 2012


Nicole Vosper considers the magic and beauty of trees – and how to care for them – during the winter months

Howard Dickins

/ Environment, Technology

21 Dec 2012


Swathes of woodland is at risk of culling due to an infectious disease sweeping the country, but a new smartphone app aims to limit the damage

present of life

/ Culture

18 Dec 2012


A host of celebrities are backing a badger-saving Christmas single this festive season