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/ Youth

21 Oct 2013


Young people are more likely to pay attention to health and safety campaigns with positive messages than negative warnings, according to new research


/ Social Enterprise

11 Oct 2013


The Social Economy Alliance wants to see policies formed to support social benefit instead of only corporate progress


National database and technological advances boost fight against cancer


/ Health, Technology

10 Oct 2013


World’s largest cancer database will help move towards tailor-made treatments using latest technology

Fairly Square Onome

/ Pies and Principles

03 Oct 2013


Our choice of cafes and restaurants that put morals on the menu. This month we check out London’s first fair trade bar and tea rooms in Newport, South Wales that are training people with learning disabilities

Path of Love

/ Body & Mind

30 Sep 2013


Workshop veteran Rose Rouse tries out a self-development course with one-to-one support for all who take part and finds that this level of care, combined with the group process environment, makes for a powerful experience

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/ Lifestyle

23 Sep 2013


Imagine a life free of debt, liberated from societal constraints and large mortgages. A growing number of homeowners are seeking out cheaper and more sustainable ways to fund the four walls in which they live


/ Culture

20 Sep 2013


Amy Smith is enticed by an unnerving and touching performance that shines a light on masculinity


Dramatic improvement for skin and testicular cancer survival rates


/ Health

20 Sep 2013


Survival rates for people diagnosed with two of the most common types of cancer have significantly improved since the 1970s, according to figures from Cancer Research UK

Costas Lapavitsas

/ New Economics

19 Sep 2013


Never before have we as a society been so interested in the economy, and thanks to the recession, traditional banking models are being cast under the spotlight. Claudia Cahalane considers how a more ethical, sustainable financial future is emerging


/ Justice

18 Sep 2013


Travelling circuses in England will be banned from using wild animals under new government proposals

Ethical and sustainable investment

/ Economics & Innovation

13 Sep 2013


Ethical and sustainable investments have performed 6% better than non-ethical funds

Rowan Wiliams

/ Body & Mind

11 Sep 2013


Speakers at the Resurgence Festival of Wellbeing, including the former Archbishop of Canterbury, will consider how to shift the country’s focus from economic growth to growth in wellbeing

Take One Action film festival

/ Arts, Culture

10 Sep 2013


Now in its sixth year, the Take One Action film festival smashes the traditional ‘lights down, be quiet’ ethos of film-going and invites discussion and debate in a bid to inspire shared responses to global issues

Photovoltaic panels

/ Renewable Energy

06 Sep 2013


Hot temperatures in July and high number of new installations help solar power soar to new levels

Mark Williamson

/ Mark Williamson

05 Sep 2013


New data shows that the UK is taking promising steps towards a happier society, but we must redefine our idea of success if we are to truly nurture our wellbeing

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/ Wellbeing

05 Sep 2013


UK ranked 10th happiest out of 27 European countries


Heart disease cases have halved since 1980s


/ Health

30 Aug 2013


The UK is among a group of European countries that has seen a large decrease in heart disease mortality over the last three decades


/ Environment

29 Aug 2013


Oxford City council rules out using oil from Canadian tar sands

Project Guardian

/ Positive Perspective

27 Aug 2013


With womens’ campaign groups ‘involved at every step’, Project Guardian – an initiative to tackle sexual assault and unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport in London – could mark a turning point for dealing with the problem, says Laura Smith

London array

/ Environment

26 Aug 2013


Clean energy generation in the UK has been given a boost with the opening of the world’s largest offshore windfarm