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Heart disease cases have halved since 1980s


/ Health

30 Aug 2013


The UK is among a group of European countries that has seen a large decrease in heart disease mortality over the last three decades


/ Environment

29 Aug 2013


Oxford City council rules out using oil from Canadian tar sands

Project Guardian

/ Positive Perspective

27 Aug 2013


With womens’ campaign groups ‘involved at every step’, Project Guardian – an initiative to tackle sexual assault and unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport in London – could mark a turning point for dealing with the problem, says Laura Smith

London array

/ Environment

26 Aug 2013


Clean energy generation in the UK has been given a boost with the opening of the world’s largest offshore windfarm

Fathers in prison

/ Community, Positive People

23 Aug 2013


In 2013 more than 200,000 children had a parent in prison in England & Wales. Caspar Walsh, author of prison memoir Criminal, speaks to those at the heart of a new scheme to empower prisoners to become better fathers


Latest asthma figures are a breath of fresh air for hospitals


/ Health

22 Aug 2013


Asthma-related hospital admissions have dropped by almost 5% since the introduction of the smoking ban, say researchers.

First time home buyers

/ Economics & Innovation

21 Aug 2013


The number of first-time buyers in the UK is the highest since the 2007 housing market crash


/ Environment

16 Aug 2013


New wildlife-rich meadows will be created around the UK to mark the 60th anniversary of the Coronation


UK road deaths at record low


/ Wellbeing

15 Aug 2013


New figures show UK road deaths are at the lowest since records began, but cyclist casualties rise

Bees costume

/ Environment

14 Aug 2013


A new strategy aims to protect bees and by extension our food, countryside and economy

York mosque

/ Democracy

09 Aug 2013


The murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich this year sparked waves of anti-Muslim hate crime around the country, but many mosques are taking it in their stride, determined to show the world that they preach messages of love

Wilderness minds

/ Positive Travel

06 Aug 2013


A new trip to Snowdonia National Park combines walking and wild camping with mindfulness meditation. Jini Reddy straps on her boots and finds her hiking Zen

Flickr Monkey Mash Button

/ Youth

02 Aug 2013


Nine out of ten children in the UK are happy, according to a new report, with an overwhelming number of teenagers being completely content with their friends

Duddon Estuary flood

/ Environment

30 Jul 2013


A new type of grass could feed livestock while protecting the UK from its biggest climate change threat: flooding

Brigid Benson

/ Economics & Innovation

29 Jul 2013


In the last 20 years, ethical and green investment in the UK has trebled to more than £11bn. Brigid Benson, from ethical financial advice service Gaeia, talks about moving money in a more moral and environmentally effective direction


Heroin and crack use falls to record low


/ Health, Wellbeing

23 Jul 2013


Figures also suggest drug-related crimes have been greatly reduced

Ben Dyson

/ Positive Money

22 Jul 2013


The economy needs more money, but it's not as straightforward as simply printing more. Positive Money’s Ben Dyson explains the challenges of creating money, and how they can be used as opportunities for positive change

Satish Kumar

/ Culture, Media, Positive People

18 Jul 2013


Believed to be Britain's longest serving magazine editor, Satish Kumar talks media sensationalism, core communication values and why it's time to push the boundaries of thoughtful reporting

Good Energy

/ Renewable Energy

17 Jul 2013


A sustainable future, empowered communities and rural growth – renewable energy can tick a lot of boxes, but is not without its challenges. Good Energy CEO Juliet Davenport fills us in


/ A permaculture journey

16 Jul 2013


Would-be veg growers are often deterred by the seeming complexity of home-growing, but as permaculture columnist Nicole Vosper says, it’s a learning exercise – even master gardeners were newbies once