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/ Environment

29 Nov 2012


A new website is giving away green gifts in an effort to show that you don’t have to sacrifice sustainability when buying presents this festive season


/ Health

27 Nov 2012


After a range of life-changing health diagnoses, Grace Quantock searched desperately for a cure. But, as she tells Annie Makoff, the remedy was within her all along

Anne Hogdal

/ Renewable Energy

26 Nov 2012


The majority of people in the UK support community-owned wind energy projects and favour wind turbines over most non-renewable developments, according to a nationwide poll


/ Arts

20 Nov 2012


Craft fans around the UK are invited to take part in a campaign that aims to help end world hunger for good

Credit No More Page 3

/ Culture, Media

17 Nov 2012


Today is exactly 42 years since topless women first appeared in The Sun. To mark the occasion campaigners have organised protests around the UK and hope to gather support for a No More Page 3 petition

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/ Food

13 Nov 2012


Locally produced cider is back in fashion, and it’s not only farmers and rural gents responsible. Lee Williams speaks to three enterprising young cider companies borne of backyards and a love of the sweet stuff

Nicole Vosper

/ A permaculture journey

05 Nov 2012


Permaculture columnist Nicole Vopser explains how she has been using the principles of nature to act more effectively in caring for the Earth

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/ Renewable Energy

01 Nov 2012


Want to invest in green energy but don’t have a local project to invest in? A new website lists share offerings for green energy co-ops around the UK


/ Economics & Innovation, Environment

31 Oct 2012


Two leading thinkers in alternative economics and the environment, Charles Eisenstein and Polly Higgins, will speak at a one-off event in London this Friday

A Start- Up box scheme- Jean from Local Greens in Herne Hill, London

/ Agriculture

25 Oct 2012


A social enterprise supplying local food in east London has launched a programme to help other communities set up their own vegetable box schemes across the UK

Abundant Life Consultation Process

/ Community

22 Oct 2012


Around 3.8 million older people live alone in the UK and those that live in special residential communities are often segregated from mainstream society. But times are changing


Getting your pension invested more positively


/ Blogs, Economics & Innovation

19 Oct 2012


As part of National Ethical Investment week, Matthew Butcher from FairPensions discusses how people saving for a pension can help change the world for the better


/ Education

18 Oct 2012


A project aiming to provide free access to the UK's best university lectures has launched


/ Culture

16 Oct 2012


Bookworms can get their literary fix for free while helping the environment, thanks to a number of innovative schemes around the UK

Transition Conference Open Space Session credit Kathleen Cassidy

/ Community

12 Oct 2012


How can communities work together to become stronger and happier? Kathleen Cassidy found out at this year’s Transition Network Conference


/ Environment

12 Oct 2012


A ‘Green Investment Bank’ (GIB), set up by the government with an initial funding pot of £3bn, is due to launch this October

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/ Economics & Innovation

10 Oct 2012


A series of ethical investment debates and talks aimed at hedge fund managers, charities who invest in private companies, and the public, kicks off this week


Geothermal could supply 20% of UK electricity


/ Renewable Energy

10 Oct 2012


The UK could meet a fifth of its electricity demands through deep geothermal energy, according to a new report

Credit- Department for Communities and Local Government 2

/ Education

09 Oct 2012


The number of men training to be primary school teachers in England has increase by more than 50% in the past four years


/ Agriculture

09 Oct 2012


Renowned permaculture expert Aranya talks about the environmental – and emotional – benefits of permaculture design