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/ Wellbeing

19 Mar 2013


Commuters at Liverpool Street station will get a break from advertising that suggests “we’re not good enough” as people gather to display positive messages, say organisers of an event on the first International Day of Happiness

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/ Youth

19 Mar 2013


The announcement of prison closures across the UK has caused controversy, but it’s not all bad news, explains Caspar Walsh


/ Agriculture

18 Mar 2013


A Dorset-based entrepreneur is tantalising the nation’s taste buds with an offering of ‘British ethnic’ seeds inspired by immigrant cooking recipes, picked up from his travels around Britain

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/ Sustainable Development

14 Mar 2013


Cycling enthusiasts are hoping for friendlier town planning, less bike theft and more protection on the roads, following a government cycling consultation


/ Good Business

08 Mar 2013


“We’re primarily about creating a better world, but through a gender lens. It’s not just about women but about what those women do”

Social entrepreneur Richard Leighton

/ Economics & Innovation

06 Mar 2013


As the town centres of the past fade in our collective memory and while recession-bitten chain stores shut up shop nationwide, across the UK people are launching community-minded projects to help revive our high-streets

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/ Education

04 Mar 2013


A new initiative is offering homeless people the chance to learn vital skills for free

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/ Wellbeing

01 Mar 2013


Scientists at Cambridge University have proven the existence of four-stranded DNA in human cells for the first time, in what they say could be a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer

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/ Wellbeing

27 Feb 2013


Despite rising suicide rates around the country, numbers within London are falling sharply

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/ Environment

26 Feb 2013


Having dropped a policy allowing English woodland to be sold to the private sector, the government is now committing instead to preserving it for future generations

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/ Positive Travel

25 Feb 2013


Some travel the world seeking once-in-a-lifetime thrills and adventures, but for Naomi Tolley, it was a meeting with a remarkable family and a beautiful, humble journey across Cumbria in a handmade gypsy caravan that really set her heart racing


/ Community

22 Feb 2013


The official Crime Survey of England and Wales reveals a significant drop in crime, with similar results reported in Scotland

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/ Economics & Innovation

21 Feb 2013


‘Change money: change the world’ – Positive Money's slogan not only sums up its aims, but shows how important the issue of monetary reform is. Francesca Wakefield went to the campaign group's annual conference to hear about possible solutions

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/ Good Business

20 Feb 2013


“It’s startling how little urgency there seems to be around sustainability. So many people know how critical the situation is, but few do anything about it. CarbonCulture helps businesses to get involved and get business advantage at the same time.”

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/ Economics & Innovation

19 Feb 2013


Barclays’ reputation has been plagued by financial scandal and a controversial bonus culture, and now boss Antony Jenkins says it’s time to reinvent British banking. Sceptics are wary, but could it open up a dialogue that will see real change?

With peeled  Boletus edulis

/ Food

18 Feb 2013


Modern day hunter-gatherer Fergus Drennan is on a wild man’s mission: to survive for a whole year solely on foraged food


/ Media

13 Feb 2013


Former BBC news presenter Martyn Lewis will be joined by Positive News editor Sean Dagan Wood at a public talk and discussion in London, on the potential of solution-focused journalism


Energy campaign fights to eliminate fuel poverty


/ Economics & Innovation

12 Feb 2013


With the backing of big businesses and prominent charities, the Energy Bill Revolution is taking its fight all the way to the top

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/ Renewable Energy

11 Feb 2013


Ambitious plans will create thousands of additional jobs

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/ Economics & Innovation

08 Feb 2013


Just days into the job, new mayor George Ferguson requests that he is paid in Bristol Pounds