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/ Good Business

23 May 2013


Bulgarian immigrant Kate Belcheva went from part-time cleaning work to setting up a successful ethical cleaning company of her own, turning down business offers as she kept to her principles in order to make clean business green business

Sunrise energy garden (c) Mike Grenville

/ Renewable Energy

22 May 2013


The festival has enlisted the help of researchers to pioneer a technology that could revolutionise the way outdoor events are powered

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/ Economics & Innovation

21 May 2013


A new government scheme aims to make journeys cheaper and easier with ‘joined-up transport’

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/ Youth

20 May 2013


Parkour, also known as free-running, is as good for your mental wellbeing as it is for your physical health – and no Bond-style leaps across skyscrapers required!

Sunrise festival matty james2011-529

/ Culture

16 May 2013


A festival in Somerset aims to become the first ‘participation nation’, rewarding festival-goers for getting involved, and letting bands choose their own support acts

Humza Yousaf MSP, Martin Rhodes Scottish Fair Trade Forum with Urban Fox &      Quarrybrae Primary (c) Scottish Fair Trade Forum

/ Community

14 May 2013


Scotland has become the second country in the UK, and the world, after Wales, to gain the accolade

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/ Good Business

08 May 2013


Good Business is a column hosted by Anna Levy from HUB Islington, an incubation space for socially driven entrepreneurs. Each month she catches up with the people leading change

Kensington Gardens

/ Economics & Innovation

08 May 2013


Despite concerns that British high streets are deteriorating, new research shows shoppers still favour them over retail parks and shopping centres


Government pledge to reduce child mortality


/ Wellbeing

08 May 2013


As UK child mortality rates rise to among the highest in Europe, a new pledge aims to turn young people into more active and valued participants in their care


/ Environment, Positive Products

06 May 2013


10% of profits from new mobile phone service will go to WWF


/ Community, Economics & Innovation

03 May 2013


What began as an exercise in supporting her local economy quickly turned into a full exploration of independent Bristol. Rin Simpson explains why the city's indie culture makes for a fine model that could be replicated nationwide


/ Education

01 May 2013


Food growing and nutritional cooking classes could form part of the national curriculum from 2014, but the changes might be scrapped following criticism from industry


New technique could stop Parkinson’s disease tremors


/ Health

30 Apr 2013


Researchers at Oxford University could be on the verge of a medical breakthrough in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

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/ Economics & Innovation

23 Apr 2013


The Fairtrade Foundation says increased public awareness of product supply chains means the demand for ethical goods is growing


/ A permaculture journey

17 Apr 2013


Permaculture columnist Nicole Vopser explains controversial energy extraction methods and considers the energy rewards that permaculture can offer

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/ Health

16 Apr 2013


Some GP practices are now offering complementary therapies and reporting high success rates, happier patients and greater cost-effectiveness for the NHS

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/ Environment

15 Apr 2013


Fish stocks and fish diversity are increasing in some English rivers following the work of community groups

Jim Fullalove

/ Technology

12 Apr 2013


London-based designers dream up a gravity powered lamp, which could light the far corners of the developing world using a bag filled with rocks or sand


‘Easy-read’ newspapers help people with learning disabilities follow the news


/ Media

10 Apr 2013


A charity is using visual cues and simplified language to make news accessible to all

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/ Pies and Principles

09 Apr 2013


Want to spend your money at cafes and restaurants that give back to society? For our new food and drink column, our reporters check out venues that have morals on their menu. Up first are El Piano in York and LWS Cafe in London