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07 Jul 2014


The latest news, efforts and success stories from the world of campaigning

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15 Apr 2014


The latest news, efforts and success stories from the world of campaigning

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27 Feb 2014


When Greenpeace activists were detained in Russia following a peaceful protest in the Arctic Sea, their plight drew the world’s attention. Lucy Purdy explores how their ordeal galvanised campaigners and may have ushered in a new era for environmental activism

Global Power Shift

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02 Sep 2013


Climate change conferences have been tarnished, but communities coming together to create a ‘global power shift’ show we are all on the frontline, says student activist Tom Youngman

Human Rights Centre

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07 Aug 2013


Groundbreaking training centre for protesters, developed in response to the use of social networks in the Arab spring, opens in Florence


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14 Jan 2013


Forget placards and megaphones, Rin Simpson finds out how craft-based activism is making waves in fighting global injustice

This is Joe from Ayrshire, who's built his own solar panels!

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22 Dec 2012


The actions taken by people fighting climate change have been honoured in an online photography exhibition curated by campaign group 10:10

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19 Dec 2012


Sweden’s ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’ has recognised the tremendous efforts of activists around the world working towards global harmony

Regional Power Shift rally, US 2011 credit

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12 Dec 2012


A new global event aims to unify action on climate change and is calling for young environmental leaders to get behind the cause


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20 Nov 2012


Craft fans around the UK are invited to take part in a campaign that aims to help end world hunger for good

Alex Georges at the start of his kayak voyage on Lampedusa. Credit A. Georges

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09 Nov 2012


A Frenchman has reached the halfway point in a kayaking voyage from Tunisia to Brussels, where he hopes to present a petition for asylum seekers’ rights to the European Parliament

Credit George Christie

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14 Sep 2012


Singer-songwriter and eco-activist Jess Gold is currently touring the UK aiming to both educate and entertain with songs about climate change