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At Home With Vanley Burke, 2015,  Installation photograph, courtesy Vanley Burke and Ikon. Photo by Stuart Whipps

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13 Aug 2015


Ikon Gallery in Birmingham have launched one of their most ambitious projects to date, transporting the entire contents of photographer Vanley Burke’s Nechells flat into the gallery space and inviting everyone to explore


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16 Jul 2015


A city of extreme contrasts, the capital of Venezuela is quite literally getting a new lick of paint and a whole lot more to bring communities together and increase wellbeing

All You Need Is Love

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05 Jun 2015


There is still little documentation of how art creates social and personal change. We must develop this language, argues Charlotte Onslow


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15 Dec 2014


Amy Smith rounds up the best art exhibitions to see this season


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24 Sep 2013


Damien Hirst says that all art is focused on death. Not so, says Amy Smith, who delves into recent art history to reveal key pieces that sing out with joy


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12 Jun 2013


A new online exhibition aims to share and amplify the voices, stories and art of Muslim women around the world

waste wood 4

/ Environment

19 Apr 2013


Sculptor James McNabb has created a series of wood sculptures exploring the idea that there should be no such thing as waste

Five Pointz graffiti in New York (c)     Bob Jagendorf

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18 Jan 2013


Graffiti: eyesore vandalism or the creative lifeblood of our cities? Tania Ahsan investigates


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14 Jan 2013


Forget placards and megaphones, Rin Simpson finds out how craft-based activism is making waves in fighting global injustice

credit Daisy Hutchison

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30 Sep 2012


For some social commentators, the stereotype Londoner is an unfriendly commuter on the underground railway, burying their head in a book. But, one of the capital’s leading artists has decided to dispel this myth


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23 Sep 2012


Sustainability summit calls for artists and environmentalists to create a positive new vision of the future

Tino Sehgal web-res

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13 Aug 2012


Tania Ahsan finds a new perspective on being one of the crowd, at an interactive art installation at the Tate Modern


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19 Jul 2012


Cloud Cuckoo Land, a community-focused creative arts festival with a utopian vision, returns for a second year

Boom Festival

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05 Jul 2012


Boom festival is returning for a ninth year of celebrating art, music, spirituality and alternative living


/ Education

01 Jun 2012


A course designed to help young people find their direction in life will take place at the Asha Centre near Stroud from 29 June to 1 July


New Bus Shelter's Got Bottle



03 Mar 2010


Bottlestop is an innovative bus shelter, built using recycled glass bottles. Located in Lexington, Kentucky, the structure is also self-sustaining, illuminated with LED lights and powered by solar panels.


Hearts and Minds



23 Nov 2009


Based in Luton, Bedfordshire, Khayaal bring together Muslim andnon-Muslim artists in educational theatre programmes to imaginativelydemonstrate the reconciliation needed in today's world.


The Future is Here



08 Sep 2009


iCymru is a new wireless internet space launched by Robert Geary, IT visionary, who saw the potential of using PC-like capabilities of the Smartphone and WiFi to obtain information on the move.


Art in Action



30 Jun 2009


Art in Action, a four day festival of fine art andmaster-craftsmanship in the grounds of WaterperryHouse, Oxfordshire, UK from the 16th -19th July 2009.


Project X Presents



01 Jan 2009


Creative Network announce their latest venture - Xhibition - which promises a vibrant mix of static art interspersed with occasional performance art works.