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British farmers are being encouraged to grow more spices Credit- Micha Eli

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13 Aug 2012


A major study into Britain’s food system shows how it must change in order to keep food affordable, protect the environment and keep up with increasing world population growth


Your Workplace Can Change the World



12 Dec 2007


More than 2,000 products in the UK from 58 developing countries now carry the Fairtrade Mark.


Eco House in the Hills



25 Dec 2005


Kate Grubb was appalled by all the waste generated by holiday makers whobring supermarket-bought food. She matched a '29,000 Rural Enterprise Scheme Grant and built an Eco Cabin on the family's farm land.


Best School Dinner Award



29 Dec 2004


Southdown Infants' School in Bath has recently won one of the Soil Associations prestigious organic farm awards. It has been given the best school dinner award' for their efforts in taking charge of its catering service.