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08 May 2014


With the UK drying off after having felt the impending impacts of climate change, and as political and social unrest continue to flare up globally, the changes needed to create more peaceful and fair societies on an environmentally sustainable planet, can seem distant

Jini and Polly

/ Wellbeing

10 Feb 2014


What does it take to achieve the seemingly impossible? Jini Reddy spends a weekend at Hawkwood College with Polly Higgins, the woman campaigning for a law against ecosystem destruction, and discovers what makes the ‘Earth lawyer’ tick

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10 Jan 2014


The key to successfully dealing with change is preparation, explains our positive psychology columnist, Chris Johnstone

Young people want renewable energy

/ Youth

12 Feb 2011


A new report on UK energy policy, written by 16-25 year-olds, is calling for the rapid uptake of renewable energy and for greater youth consultation on energy and climate policy

Playing with the Climate


08 Feb 2011


Greenland, a new play about how we respond to climate change, has opened at the National Theatre


Success for Young People at Climate Talks


Archive, Youth

10 Dec 2010


Policy supporting climate change education and increasing the involvement of young people in UN negotiations, is approved at Cancun climate talks


A Better World is Possible



19 Oct 2010


Author Bruce Nixon, is offering his new book, A Better World is Possible, as a free download ahead of its publication date


Young People 'Adopt' MPs


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14 Sep 2010


More than 300 young people across the UK have 'adopted' their MPs to ensure the issue of climate change remains high on the political agenda


Ecuador to Leave Oil Underground



13 Sep 2010


Ecuador will be the first country to leave oil reserves untouched in response to climate change and the need to protect indigenous homelands


'Sitting on the sidelines is not an option'



13 Sep 2010


Kirsty Schneeberger shares her vision for the future and writes about her work integrating the opinions of young people into national and international decision-making on climate change policy.


New Climate Activism Film Goes Free



15 Jun 2010


From the fields of Climate Camp, a new film entitled Just Do It, will tell the story of those mischievous activists fighting for justice on climate change.


Sharing Sciences



09 Jun 2010


Meteorologists and indigenous weather experts from the Nganyi people of western Kenya team up to protect crops


£10 Million for Low Carbon Communities



03 Mar 2010


Transition Town Totnes has been selected as one of ten 'first movers' in the Department of Energy and Climate Change's Low Carbon Communities Challenge.


Positive Parliament


/ Politics, Youth

03 Mar 2010


Run by young people, the UK Youth Parliament provides a chance for those under 18 to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change.


Being the Change



02 Mar 2010


Being the Change is "absolutely what it's about," as Sean Dagan Wood discovers in an interview with environmental expert and spokesperson, Chantal Cooke.


Climate of Co-operation



02 Mar 2010


Despite the outcome of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, young people are making progress in protecting their futures.


Small Pledges Spark Global Hope



30 Nov 2009


A UK-wide campaign to get people to cut carbon emissions has 'ignitedpublic support' and now looks to engage the rest of the developedworld, under the helm of a new director.


A New Generation Shifts into Gear


Archive, Youth

30 Nov 2009


There is a shift taking place. Against the odds, climate change isbeing treated by an increasing amount of people, as something that canbe turned into a positive opportunity.


Homes for a Changing Climate



24 Nov 2009


Adapting our homes and communities to cope with the climate of the 21st century


Renewable World



24 Nov 2009


Here's the book we've been waiting for: a thorough, up-to-date, andabove all proportionate response to our climatic predicament