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27 Mar 2012


More than 85,000 individuals, organisations and cities have now signed up to endorse the Charter for Compassion, a document that aims to inspire compassionate action around the world


Global Launch of the Women's Global Charter for Humanity



28 Feb 2005


The global launch is taking place in Sao Paul,Brazil on February 25, 2005 and on March 8, International Women's Day, the World March of Women is launching the Women's Global Charter for Humanity.


Empowering the United Nations



28 Dec 2004


Key leaders from over 100 global civil society organisations met in Padua, Italy, in November to debate the 'Construction of an International Democratic Order' and to support the 'Campaign to Reform the UN'.


The opening words to the Earth Charter



30 Dec 2003


"We stand at a critical moment in history, a time when humanity must choose its future."


Global Charter for the Solar Age – A Worldwide Action Plan for Renewable Energy



30 Sep 2003


A Global Charter for Renewable Energy to take us into the Solar Age is being drawn up by the World Council for Renewable Energy.


Aiming for Zero Waste by 2020



30 Sep 2002


An ambitious Battery Recycling Campaign launched in Bristol has proved a huge success. In less than two weeks some 22,000 batteries were picked up and taken to Britannia Zinc for recycling.


Campaigning for Global Democracy



30 Jun 2002


Since then, we have started an audit of democratic accountability in international decision-making bodies, turning the spotlight on 20 inter-governmental agencies, corporations and NGOs including the Bank of International Settlements, World Trade Organisation, IMF, NATO and International Chamber of Commerce. As a result, several bodies have already started to change their procedures to become more open and accountable. The...


Ark of Hope



30 Jun 2002


Caught up in his enthusiasm Sally, who launched the Temenos project, felt that to win people's hearts and minds it must find some form of universal artistic expression. The Temenos is an ancient Greek concept; a sacred circle in which the impossible becomes possible. Reflecting on the Earth Charter, each of four artists made a Temenos book into which...