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07 Oct 2015


Rather than waiting around to see what happens at the Paris climate talks in December, a group of European creatives got together and came up with some low-tech solutions to the world's environmental problems. Elsa Pereria reports from POC21


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14 Sep 2015


The Transition movement has expanded rapidly over the last decade, and now more than 27 countries boast National Hubs championing the initiative. The network’s first ever international conference, then, has been a long time coming


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12 Jun 2015


The recent surge in fossil fuel divestment campaigns has not only given people a voice against the industry, but has boosted support for more sustainable alternatives. The same can happen with excessive negativity in the media, argues Tom Lawson


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02 Jun 2015


Cutting meat and dairy consumption will help the world to meet its 2050 carbon emission targets, says Giles Crosse. The problem can be tackled, but only if the world’s governments stop ignoring the issue and subsidising cheap agricultural products

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24 Oct 2014


Our economy is shooting itself in the foot, author and activist Naomi Klein warned an audience in Westminster this month, and a radical change in the way we approach the climate conversation is the only way to turn things around

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20 Oct 2014


As organisations ranging from city councils to churches withdraw their investments in fossil fuels, Nicola Slawson looks at how a small US student campaign has become a global movement to tackle climate change

Bill McKibben talking in Amsterdam as part of the Fossil Free Europe Tour (c) 350org facing cam

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03 Jan 2014


Adam Weymouth talks to renowned environmentalist and co-founder of, Bill McKibben, about why investing in the future of the planet means divesting in the companies that are jeopardising it


Algae lamp absorbs 200 times more CO₂ than trees


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16 Oct 2013


A French scientist has found a way to put slimy pond produce to good use

Global Power Shift

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02 Sep 2013


Climate change conferences have been tarnished, but communities coming together to create a ‘global power shift’ show we are all on the frontline, says student activist Tom Youngman


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29 Aug 2013


Oxford City council rules out using oil from Canadian tar sands

Duddon Estuary flood

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30 Jul 2013


A new type of grass could feed livestock while protecting the UK from its biggest climate change threat: flooding


Youth climate change committee aims to connect younger generation with policymakers


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05 Jul 2013


New organisation will increase dialogue as research shows that the vast majority of young people believe climate change is an urgent issue

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26 Apr 2013


A new method of farming has the potential to turn Bangladesh into a food-secure, poverty-free country within a decade


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08 Apr 2013


Two prominent American colleges are re-examining their energy investment policies thanks to a national climate change campaign

Helen Kongai and cow Charity

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05 Apr 2013


With Uganda recently celebrating 50 years of independence, Tom Lawson speaks to two of the country’s farmers about the progress made in rural gender equality and how the country's agriculture can adapt to a changing climate

Polar Bear in the Arctic

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14 Feb 2013


Proposals to protect the Arctic by creating a global sanctuary around the North Pole have drawn worldwide support

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11 Feb 2013


Ambitious plans will create thousands of additional jobs

This is Joe from Ayrshire, who's built his own solar panels!

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22 Dec 2012


The actions taken by people fighting climate change have been honoured in an online photography exhibition curated by campaign group 10:10

Regional Power Shift rally, US 2011 credit

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12 Dec 2012


A new global event aims to unify action on climate change and is calling for young environmental leaders to get behind the cause

Solar panels at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. Credit- Flickr member Complexify

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03 Dec 2012


Denmark is to reach its 2020 solar energy generation target of 200 megawatt (MW) capacity by the end of 2012, eight years ahead of schedule, according to the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs