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Indian Tribe Defeats Mining Giant



14 Sep 2010


A tribe in India has defeated one of the world's biggest mining companies, in a battle to preserve sacred land.


Rocking the Boat



14 Sep 2010


Reed Paget, co-founder of Belu Water believes business can create a positive future


New Engine is a Breath of Fresh Air



28 Apr 2010


Compressed air as a vehicle fuel is a fundamentally clean technology. It is fast becoming science fact rather than science fiction, with compressed air prototype cars having been tested for use as private transport in both India and the US.


Fruitful Success for Palestine


Agriculture, Archive

02 Mar 2010


The Story of the World's First Fair Trade Olive Oil


Working Wonders With Waste



22 Feb 2010


Indian company Thunk, is making fashionable products out of discarded rubbish while supporting underprivileged communities.


Appealing Green Energy



07 Sep 2009


Steven Gill and his brother David have been cultivating and processing onions for 25 years but now, they have taken the lead when it comes to green energy.


Organic Muesli Man Leads the Way



15 Jun 2009


The London Development Agency has made Alex Smith, Managing Director of organic cereal company Alara, a London Leader of Sustainability.


Settle for Water Power



24 Nov 2008


Local and sustainable power generation projects, owned and run by local people and generating power for local amenities, represents social enterprise working at its best.


Youth Music Theatre UK


Archive, Youth

31 Jan 2008


Youth Music Theatre was started by a group of directors, young people and parents, determined to create dynamic, vibrant musictheatre projects across the UK.


Germany unified for Fairtrade



21 Sep 2006


From the 18th-30th of September, Germany will be promoting everything Fairtrade, celebrating its fifth annual "Fairtrade Week".


Eco-logic Books



23 Aug 2006


Eco-logic Books are a small, ethically run company that specialises in books that provide practical solutions to environmental problems.


Green Books



31 May 2006


Green Books are an independent UK publishing company, producing bookson a range of environmental and cultural issues. You can download ourlatest catalogue, which includes forthcoming titles from