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29 Jan 2014


Urgent measures against the illegal ivory trade have been agreed upon by key states in an effort to help save the African elephant


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13 Dec 2013


Ayahuasca, the hallucinogenic plant used in healing ceremonies by indigenous Amazonians, may offer more than just powerful visions. Matt Mellen heads into the jungle and discovers that it might also have a radical role to play in nature conservation

Boxes of Bees

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18 Nov 2013


Once extinct in the UK, short-haired bumblebees are thriving in Kent thanks to a three-year-long project

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16 Sep 2013


25 years ago an isolated Colombian tribe emerged to share a warning about humanity’s future, captured in a film about them that had a far-reaching global impact. But now the tribe has surfaced again to give us a powerful new message


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16 Aug 2013


New wildlife-rich meadows will be created around the UK to mark the 60th anniversary of the Coronation

Bees costume

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14 Aug 2013


A new strategy aims to protect bees and by extension our food, countryside and economy

Azzam Alwash on November 9th 2012 with fish seller in Kirmashiye, Iraq

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02 Aug 2013


‘Garden of Eden’ returns to life as Mesopotamian marshlands are officially recognised as Iraq’s first national park

Kaptan June

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26 Jul 2013


After June Haimoff lost her house, partner & beloved boat, she went around the world to find a new home. She ended up saving thousands of turtles' lives and is now a leading conservationst. She tells Lorenza Bacino her story

Whitetip shark

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25 Jul 2013


Millions of sharks will be saved every year following international agreement


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24 May 2013


The push for a ban on neonicotinoid pesticides – believed to be linked to a dramatic decline in the populations of bees and other pollinators – mobilised millions of European citizens, some of them for the first time, says Brigit Strawbridge


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06 May 2013


10% of profits from new mobile phone service will go to WWF

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02 May 2013


The Brazilian government hopes to uncover new species and tribes by “knowing the rainforest from within”

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15 Apr 2013


Fish stocks and fish diversity are increasing in some English rivers following the work of community groups


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27 Mar 2013


Unsustainable palm oil practices pose a serious threat to rainforests, but a new guide aims to help consumers make more informed chocolate choices this Easter


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22 Mar 2013


An ambitious initiative in Ireland will see one million trees planted across the country in just 24 hours, creating a better environment for all


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21 Mar 2013


The United Nation’s International Day of Forests aims to inform people across the world about how important trees really are, and why they need our help


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16 Mar 2013


Proposed fishing policy protecting endangered stocks and banning discards and has been given the majority vote by MEPs

Palms in Lake Rogaguado, Beni, Bolivia (c) WWF Bolivia, Omar Rocha

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11 Mar 2013


Forging "a truly harmonious relationship" with Mother Earth is at the core of the Bolivian government's creation of a new protected wetland – an area bigger than the Netherlands and Belgium combined - making it the largest of its kind in the world

Orphaned Orangutan in Sumatra

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28 Feb 2013


One of the world’s largest paper producers has pledged to protect rainforests and restore the habitats of endangered species, a decision cautiously welcomed by environmental campaigners

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26 Feb 2013


Having dropped a policy allowing English woodland to be sold to the private sector, the government is now committing instead to preserving it for future generations