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Awards from the Heart



15 Jun 2009


Humanitarian, philanthropist and author Fred Matser set up the Rediscover Your Heart' Awards to support young people in direct, inspirational action for personal and global change.


World Water Day



19 Mar 2009


March 22nd is World Water Day ñ an initiative that grew out of the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development.


The Ashden Awards 2007



04 Sep 2007


The Ashden Awards, founded by the Ashden Trust ñ one of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts, celebrate the very best in small-scale, sustainable energy schemes in the UK and developing world.


Cardiff Eco-Hotel



20 Nov 2006


The Copthorne Hotel in Cardiff have been announced the winners of achallenge for organisations to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in 100days.


GREEN MEDIA Tune in to Green TV



07 Jun 2006 is the world's very first broadband TV channel dedicated toenvironmental issues. Set up by Ade Thomas, former BBC director andresearcher, has backing from the United Nations andover 30 Non-Governmental Organisations.


The Extended Mind: A Talk by Rupert Sheldrake



19 Apr 2006


Saturday 23rd September 2006, London EC2
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Greening the Cosmetic Industry



20 Dec 2005


A company is showing it is possible to produce cosmetics and toiletries without using damaging chemicals. Charlotte V¯htz, founder, says: 'Manmade chemicals are found everywhere and, combined with our changing dietary habits, profoundly affect us all.'


Celebrating Lives – Dr Colin Hudson



28 Feb 2005


Dr Colin Hudson was a British agriculturalist who lived in the Caribbean for thirty years. He died unexpectedly of a heart attack at his home in Barbados this February. Colin was recognised for his innovative designs of agricultural machinery but in recent years his career shifted from engineer to environmental campaigner. He will also be remembered for the Web...


A Revolutionary Idea



29 Feb 2004


'Peace is a revolutionary idea,' Kai Brand Jacobsen told a recent meeting at the House of Commons. 'Peace, by peaceful means, defines that revolution is non-violent.'


Switzerland Ends Fluoride in Tap Water



30 Jun 2003


After 41 years Swiss authorities have ended fluoridation of tap water saying that dental cavities were in creasing despite it.


Measuring Well-Being



30 Jun 2003


The Canada Well-Being Measurement Act is being put forward as a means of asking Canadians what issues they feel affect their wellbeing.


Songs to Care for Earth



28 Feb 2003


"These songs are born of our hopes and dreams for people and planet," says Manu Song whose delightful funky jazz CD time to care for earth has just been released.